The 9 most kawaii anime characters

the 9 most kawaii anime characters

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The 9 most kawaii anime characters

These are some of the most adorable characters in Japanese animation.

The 9 most kawaii anime characters
Anya Forger is one of the cutest anime characters

In some anime, tenderness abounds everywhere and it is that several titles of the Japanese industry have stood out for how incredibly cute their characters are, as well as the humble personality they have throughout their stories. It’s just nice to see the style kawaii embodied in these protagonists that bring to life the plots of the most popular series.

If you like this style and want to meet the most kawaii characters of all animation Japanese, you are in the right place. In this article we show you some of the best. From magical characters filled with great tenderness, to even talking animals that always captivate viewers. Without further ado, in the following list you have the most kawaii of anime.

Meet some of the cutest characters in the anime world

The kawaii style is characterized by having a Japanese artistic style that turns characters or objects into adorable beings. Some of the things that help determine this quality is the face, which usually has large eyes and softened facial features. Considering this, we have compiled the cutest characters you can find in the most famous anime, you can see them below.

Nezuko Kamado – Kimetsu no Yaiba

The most kawaii anime characters

Nezuko is the only demon that can withstand sunlight.

There is no doubt that beloved Nezuko from Demon Slayer is one of the best female characters in anime. To be more specific, she is a girl who is transformed into a *text muted* after the murder of Tanjiro’s family Kamado, thus surviving at the cost of being infected. However, despite being a demon, maintains his human attitude and feelingsas well as his cute face when he is not in combat mode.

Kanna Kamui – Kobayashi-san Chi no Maid Dragon

The most kawaii anime characters

Kanna Kamui is a cute dragon who was expelled from her world

Among the most adorable girls in the world of Japanese animation is Kanna Kamui from Kobayashi-san Chi no Maid Dragon, a little dragon that for her antics she is expelled from her world. In this way, she must learn to live among humans, showing her own form in this world that is without a doubt very tender. In addition, his personality is calm, delicate and subtle, thus being some of the kawaii characteristics that he has.

Eri – My Hero Academia

The most kawaii anime characters

Eri has had a dark past because they wanted to take advantage of her Quirk.

Eri can generate empathy for anyone who knows her story and that is that she is an innocent girl who since her first years of life has been exploited in experiments by the Quirk she has, as she is considered to be one of the strongest characters in the anime. Her innocence, humility and history makes it one of the cutest and one of the most interesting of all. Remember that My Hero Academia is one of the anime dubbed into USAby Crunchyroll.

Yui Hirasawa – K-On!

The most kawaii anime characters

Yui Hirasawa is a guitarist who fights for her goals

is the guitarist and vocalist of the band Ho-kago Tea Time, which she composes with her friends. Yui Hirasawa has earned the appreciation of fans for her own style, her mannerisms, and the way she dresses to reflect all of herself. His height is less than 5’1″she has big brown eyes and makes such adorable gestures that anyone would go “aww” when they see her singing in K-On!.

Myrmo – Myrmo Zibang

The most kawaii anime characters

Impossible to deny that Murumo is one of the most adorable characters in anime

You won’t find someone quite as kawaii as Mirmo in Mirmo Zibang, as all her blue attire, blonde curly hair, and flushed cheeks have made everyone win the hearts of many viewers. In fact, all the simple desEsports Extrasof him meets the characteristics of what it means to be a true kawaii anime character.

Happy – Fairy Tail

The most kawaii anime characters

Fairy Tail’s talking cat is one of the funniest in the series

Happy is known in Fairy Tail as the Natsu’s best friend, thus being one of the members of the team that comes from Extalia. However, he has always attracted attention for being a talking cat with wings blue in color that gives it that kawaii touch that is needed in the guild. He doesn’t have a particular special ability that determines him as someone powerful, but without a doubt, he is crucial to the team.

Anya Forger – SPY x FAMILY

The most kawaii anime characters

Anya Forger always stands out for her witticisms and kawaii gestures

Anya is an orphan girl with the power to read minds who is adopted by an undercover spy named Loid Forger as part of his plan to create a fake family to accomplish his mission. With her abilities, Anya keeps her secret and does everything she can to help her father and keep him together from her adoptive mother, Yor Forger, who is a secret assassin. Anya is very clumsy and lazybut her kind heart and her desire to help people make her adorable and a good human being.

Rem – Re:ZERO

The most kawaii anime characters

Rem’s big eyes mesmerize anyone with her kawaii style

Rem is one of the most beautiful girls in the universe Re:ZERO, since the entire composition of its desEsports Extrasis oriented towards kawaii. For example, her big eyes, slim body and her blue hair make her look so shiny, how pretty. On the other hand, always addresses people politely and protects all those who truly love.

Shiro – No Game No Life

The most kawaii anime characters

Shiro from No Game No Life has all the characteristics of a cute character

Evidently, could not miss Shiro from No Game No Life in this list of kawaii characters. This 11-year-old protagonist has all the flow of what she considers an adorable character, from her long messy hair of colors, eyes with reflections and the clothes that it uses.

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