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The 96-core AMD EPYC 9654 is as fast as a 64-core with LN2!

That Cinebench is one of the most used benchmarks in the last decade is indisputable, and therefore, comparatively speaking, it is valid to get an idea of ​​the performance of processors that are not yet on the market. Today we have quite an AMD EPYC 9654, which although it is a server processor is also the basis of what we can expect on the desktop for the Threadripper Pro 7000. What performance will we have on PC with a 96-core beast called EPYC 9654 in Cinebench R23?

The EPYC 9654 has been with us for a short time, the first units were launched just 2 months ago and are still being tested in many racks of large companies, installed and fine-tuned. For this reason, and with reason and view for PC, it is interesting to see them outside of their environment in a benchmark as common as Cinebech.

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The performance throne remains for a Threadripper 5000, but this EPYC 9654 comes very close in Cinebench R23

AMD Ryzen Threadripper PRO 5995WX record overclocking

In fact, we talk about 64-core Threadripper 5995WX that under LN2 managed to overcome the 116,000 points in Cinebench R23, a figure that is almost double what the fastest Intel CPU had achieved. But it is that this desktop CPU also surpassed the previous EPYC Milan with the same cores and therefore more than 15%being these in Dual Socket, so the challenge of the new server processors based on Zen 4 was very great.

Considering that the EPYC 9654 has the commented 96 Coresthese to 3.5GHz in all its nuclei and that can reach the figure of 400 watt consumption, the one we have today does not meet this technical description. The tested 9654 is a QS and runs slower, specifically at 2.5 GHz on base and 3.5 GHz on Boostsuggesting a lower all-nucleus frequency, which is unknown.

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The score obtained has been 115,315 pointswhich places it right and very close to the Threadripper 5995WX that holds the world record.

What can the new Threadripper 7000 Pro offer?


Well, a leap in desktop performance like never before. We have to take into account and start from the basis that the consumption will be much lower and, therefore, the frequencies will drop, perhaps to levels like those of this ES that we have just seen.

You also have to approach it as some Zen 4 processors that share the same Zen 4 chiplet desEsports Extrasas Genoa, so they are basically server processors that have not been able to pass AMD’s verifications and tests, and that, therefore, are going to be used in PCs with lower frequencies and consumption. In fact, it is confirmed that the platform will be the same SP6 and that they will have a maximum cache of 384MB with support for DDR5-4800.

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What is not so clear is whether they will have 128 PCIe lanes or will be downgraded to 64 lanes in total for the faster and higher-end models. In any case, Intel has nothing to do with Sapphire Rapids here, it doesn’t even look like it. emerald rapids It could be an alternative to AMD processors, which is going to put such muscle into PCs that it should make a more than substantial difference to Intel, something that it is already doing on servers and that we can now experience from Q3 of this year on our meats on desk.

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