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The Access controller for PS5 will go on sale on December 6 for 89.99 euros

the access controller for ps5 will go on sale on

PlayStation has announced that the command Accessa peripheral designed to offer better accessibility to PS5 games, will go on sale at the end of the year: it will be officially available on 6th of December, although its reservations begin this month (July 21). It has also been revealed how much it will cost in USA: it will have a recommended price of 89.99 in our country

“Over the past five years, we have immersed ourselves with organizations and accessibility experts in the process of creating a versatile controller kit that allows gamers with greater comfort and longer to play functional diversityso that more people can share the joy of video games”, explains the company in an article on its official blog, where we can also see a new trailer of the Access command:


What features does the PS5 Access controller include?

This peripheral has been designed to be fully customizablesince it allows you to change the distribution, the joysticks and the buttons. The PS5 Access controller comes with several levers and buttons in different shapes and designs to suit any need. It also stands out because it is a controller that can be used in any 360 orientation, and includes connections for accessibility accessories third-party with four standard 3.5mm expansion ports.

Furthermore, at the level of software new customization options will also be integrated: “You can assEsports Extrasthe buttons and create up to 30 control profilesadjust the configuration of the joysticks, activate and deactivate commands or deactivate buttons to avoid pressing them by accident”, they explain from PlayStation. Finally, they emphasize that they can be pair up to two Access remotes and a DualSense wireless controller for collaborative use.