The actors’ union strike does not affect video games

Tom Henry

the actors' union strike does not affect video games

Hollywood is frozen due to the strike organized by the union of actors and writers, both film, television and radio. Numerous film, television, theater and streaming productions have been stopped, since as long as the strike continues their affiliated actors cannot participate in them. Nor can they promote projects that they have already filmed, attend premieres, tours, or press conferences. Despite the strike, the union’s actors are allowed to participate in other minor projects and that includes video games.

According to the rules for members of SAG-AFTRA, “work in commercial video games is not covered by the strike.” That includes motion capture acting, voice acting, commercials, talk shows, game shows, music videos and audio books. All of these are covered in separate contracts. Both Elle Fanning and Norman Reedus are perfectly capable of registering face and movement capture for Death Stranding 2for example.

Actors can also promote their work in video games without affecting the Hollywood union strike. During the San Diego Comic-Con weekend is where the effects of the strike will be seen the most, since major film and television studios will not have their actors as panelists. Still, video game panels won’t have a problem with the syndicate either.

Yuri Lowenthal, Nadji Jeter, Laura Bailey and Tony Todd will be present at the panel of Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 by Insomniac Games. Another panel, dedicated to the Peacock series based on Twisted Metalwill be without its stars Anthony Mackie, Will Arnett and Stephanie Beatriz.

Via: Polygon

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