The adapter that will make your NVIDIA RTX 40 not burn will cost you dearly

With the arrival of the NVIDIA RTX 40, the company was able to rise again and crown itself as the queen of gaming. But not everything should focus on performance, since after paying more than 2,000 euros, dozens of buyers saw how their RTX 4090 burned. Here the cables were blamed, the users for how they connected them, the adapters, the manufacturers of custom GPUs, chaos. This problem is still valid and in the end it seems that the definitive solution for the NVIDIA RTX 40 is he CableMod Angular Adapter 12VHPWRwhich already has price and release date.

When buying a graphics card, many PC gamers are looking forward to an RTX 40. Specifically, the RTX 4090 are unrivaled if we talk about gross power and less if we take into account its performance with Ray Tracing and DLSS 3 Frame Generation. Not even AMD with their RTX 7900 XTXits most powerful graphics, is capable of facing it and rather competes against a RTX 4080. Although it is also true that we are talking about very different prices, since the GPU of NVIDIA costs almost double, depending on the store and country where you reside. As always in Europe we get the worst of it and to buy an RTX 4090 at launch, we had to pay close to 2,000 euros.

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The 12VHPWR angular adapter for the RTX 40 already has a price: €39.90

CableMod adapter 12VHPWR RTX 40 price

Now that a few months have passed, the prices of NVIDIA GPUs have dropped a bit and we can find some of the most basic models of RTX 4090 for about €1,800. It is still a very expensive price, but at the end of the day it is the most powerful GPU we currently have and much faster than an RTX 3090 of past generation. However, paying this high price does not guarantee that our GPU is totally safe and will work without problems. And it is that, we have been talking for months about how the NVIDIA RTX 40 burned.

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In all this time the company has not offered a solution, they continue to use the same 12VHPWR cables and adapters. Fortunately, recently we talked about an angle adapter that I was developing CableMod in collaboration with Igor to end the burned RTX 40 and now, this already has a price. Since this is what interests us the most, we are going to cut to the chase and drop it: it costs nothing less than 39.90 euros/dollars in any of its versions.

It is available in 90 and 180 degrees and will be released on March 8

Angular CableMod versions

We already talked about this adapter in the previous news, since it is a higher quality alternative to what NVIDIA and other manufacturers offer. a premiere new version of the pegs, allowing that once we connect it, it remains and does not move easily. Another of its advantages is the fact that you will have better materials and for example, your PCB will use much thicker copper plates usual. On the CableMod website we can see the rest of its specifications as well as its small dimensions 21mm x 36mm x 21mm for the version of 90 degrees and 21mm x 41.5mm x 15.4mm for the version of 180 degrees.

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Both versions are compatible with most NVIDIA RTX 4070 Ti, RTX 4080 and RTX 4090 models, although as the list is very long, the best thing you can do is see it on its website that we have linked to at the beginning of the news. Of course, there is an exception and it is the adapter 180 degrees version A which is only compatible with ASUS GPUs. Also, we can download 3D models, print them and see if they would work. So, this CableMod adapter for the RTX 40 promises a lot, although it must be said that you have to pay a high price for it. Your date of official release will be on March 8so if you are interested in it you can book it now.