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The AIO CORSAIR H60X and H100X Elite have a problem with their ARGB

the aio corsair h60x and h100x elite have a problem

At some point in our lives we have to upgrade our old PC or decide to buy a new one for parts. Choosing the components is usually somewhat complicated, but if we have followed guides or recommendations, we will know that we have to choose the processor, graphics, RAM, motherboard and source. The rest we could say is more towards our choice, such as deciding to choose a liquid cooling for the PC. Of all the options, the CORSAIR H60X RGB Elite and H100X RGB Elite AIOhave been affected by a problem with argb and the company has apologized.

The liquid refrigeration on PCs it is not always as effective as many times they try to sell it. On many occasions, a air sink mid-range will offer better results than an entry-level liquid cooling. In fact, high-end coolers from brands like NIGHT, they usually compete against mid-high-range AIOs without problems and are even quieter. In the end choosing an AIO is a matter of aesthetics on many occasionssince most people are satisfied with the fact that the processor is moderately cool and they forget about things like overclocking.


The CORSAIR H60X and H100X RGB Elite AIOs have an issue with ARGB


If we start to look at what is the main attraction of liquid cooling, we will all end up thinking about RBG lighting. The fact that we have lighting even on entry-level models makes it clear that companies are investing in this important feature. Among all the brands of liquid AIO (All in One) for PC, CORSAIR is one of the most recognized and precisely this is the one that has problems with the ARGB.

CORSAIR has discovered that the RGB lighting feature of the AIO H60X Elite and H100X Elite not working properly on some motherboards. This implies that if we buy one of these liquid cooling systems and proceed to connect it to enjoy the lighting, we may be disappointed by not going with this. This is a problem that affects specific motherboards and we did not find much more information about it. No mention of affected motherboardsbut if when connecting the ARGB cable, the lighting does not work, the best thing you can do is to contact them.

CORSAIR will send an improved ARGB cable to affected customers


The information comes from the Japanese support service, but they should offer a similar support service in USA if we go to their website and look for customer support. With that said, CORSAIR promises that affected customers will receive a new ARGB cable working properly. It is believed that the problem was with the cable and for this reason they will send an improved cable from Links International brand. To contact CORSAIR you will have to fill out the form with the necessary information.


The serial number and a photograph of the receipt of purchase in order to be eligible for replacement. Following the apology, CORSAIR has announced that it will include this new enhanced ARGB cable with the new batches of H60X Elite and H100X Elite, to ensure that such an issue does not occur again.

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