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The AMD Radeon 780M iGPU is capable of fighting against an RTX 2050

Today we come across the first performance test of the AMD Radeon RX 780M. You have to remember that this is the integrated GPU top of the range from AMD. Much of the fault lies with the use of its most advanced graphical architecture, known as AMD RDNA 3.

This graph will be present in portable processors, such as AMD Ryzen 7040, and they arrive to add a good injection of performance without having to buy a computer with a dedicated graphics card. This implies not only buying cheaper equipment, but also thinner, lighter and with greater autonomy. That is, all advantages.


First performance test of the AMD Radeon 780M iGPU in a benchmark

AMD Ryzen 7045 Series

First of all, the AMD Radeon 780M will offer a configuration of 12 Compute Units. This translates into a total of 768 Stream Processors capable of reaching a frequency of up to 3.00GHz. On the other hand, we will have a less powerful variant, the AMD Radeon RX 760M with 512 Stream Processors capable of reaching 2.80 GHz.

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These iGPUs are integrated into an APU with TDPs up to 45W. The most interesting being the support of the rescaling technology AMD FSR, in addition to also being compatible with Ray Tracing. Although in this case, it is not that it is as practical as the technology aimed at increasing FPS.


After the context, the AMD Radeon 780M was seen in the benchmarking software 3DMark Time Spy in two different configurations. One in a top-of-the-range system that used RAM memory LPDDR5X at 7,500 MHzand another with a more humble DDR5 at 5,600 MHz. Obviously, LPDDR5X memory will provide a significant improvement in terms of bandwidth. That is why its performance is also significantly higher.

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This is iGPU performance

AMD Radeon 780M

Thanks to user Golden Pig, we know that with 5600 MHz DDR5 memory, the iGPU achieved a score of 2,750 pointswhile integrating 7,500 MHz LPDDR5X memory increased performance to up to 3,000 points. For reference, the Radeon 680M offers 2,383 points. In this way, we are talking about the new GPU being between 15 and 26% faster than its predecessor. While it’s not a huge leap, it should be mentioned that the performance improvement is with the same number of cores.


Perhaps most interesting is that the NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2050 Mobile offers 3,220 points. That is, it is 7% fasterbut has a 30W PTO, that is, 15W less compared to the iGPU together with the CPU. To this is added that buying a laptop with this GPU already makes its price more expensive by a couple of hundred euros. To which is added to be heavier and less efficient.

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Perhaps the most interesting of all would be to see this AMD Radeon 780M on a portable console, since it could move many HD games with full ease. Added to this is greater performance when running a game on an external screen. If we add to this the plus of the AMD FSR, it is an even better option.


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