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The AMD RX 7800 XT is the best-selling graphics card in Germany

the amd rx 7800 xt is the best selling graphics card

AMD continues to be sweet in Europe, where it is slowly crushing its rivals. Taking into account their category, it is not surprising that value is being given to what Lisa Su’s team are doing, since they dominate, at least in the old continent, two giants. What we are going to see next is the confirmation that the data from the US was a preview of what it would later happen in Germany. Therefore, these are the sales of GPU and plates base on the week 36 of this 2023where the RX 7800 XT stands out.

Like every week, the data comes from Mindfactory, which is the only retailer that provides it openly. In them we can see how the trends are clearly in favor of AMD, which thanks to an intelligent policy of the current situation we are experiencing is taking over the market pinch by pinch, of course, with very competent or directly TOP products.


The RX 7800 XT confirms its good streak, now, in Europe, being the graphics card with the most sales

Up to 650 units of this GPU have been sold, which given its good balance is being greatly liked by users. To put it in perspective, the RTX 4070, which normally dominates sales, is second with 500 units.

It is followed by RX 7900 XTX with 390 units to complete the podium, after which, what has been considered one of the star GPUs in performance/price appears, the RX 6700 XTwhich continues to sell at an incredible rate for the time it has been on the market.


After this, the almighty RTX 4090which with the high price it has endorsed 250 units, which fairly evens out the contest in income for the greens. Where is the RX 7700 XT that debuted with this week’s winner? Well sell alone 55 units, behind the 60 of the RX 6750 XT. It seems that, at the moment, it is being a fiasco for AMD, heads and tails without a doubt.


In terms of units sold, amd is done with the 59.03% of the market in Mindfactory for the 40.59% of NVIDIA and a ridiculous 0.37% of Intel. This indicates that the reds once again increase the GAP with the greens, but on the other hand, in terms of income and given the higher price of the Huang graphs, the differences are almost equal with a 50.85% for AMD and 49.5% for NVIDIA.

AMD beats Intel on motherboards

Without palliatives or hot cloths, it is a complete beating on PC. AMD has sold 1,920 units between AM4 and AM5 as general sockets, while Intel has taken over 640 units between LGA 1700 and LGA 1200. The percentages reflect a 75% of sales for AMDrising 2.96% in just one week, and a 25% for Intelwhich has also increased the average price by 30 dollars.

This detail is important, because raising that amount implies that the price of some models is significantly higher, which harms final sales, as can be seen.


The most curious thing about these statistics, which are in free fall even though they seem like good data, is that in the three main sockets the best-selling models are from MSI.


Likewise, it is clearly seen in the graph how sales have been progressively decreasing since the beginning of the year, especially in Intel, which is failing in the market at the expense of AMD and its AM5, which until this week did not stop rising. in sales.


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