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The AMD Threadripper Pro 7000 will arrive in 2 sockets with DDR5

the amd threadripper pro 7000 will arrive in 2 sockets

While AMD seems more focused lately on its Ryzen for PC and EPYC for server ranges, they haven’t forgotten about their workstation CPUs. A market in which they have had no competition until relatively recently with the return of Intel and its Xeon-W based on the Sapphire Rapids architecture. Well, new information has leaked from the AMD Threadripper PRO 7905W and 7900WX with Zen 4 architecture.

Many times the power that a PC can give us is not enough for certain tasks and that is where workstations come in. Which are apparently like normal desktop computers, but at the processor level they usually have an adapted version of the models used for servers. The big difference? They are not intended to be used 24/7, but rather as a PC, and as a result can run at much higher clock speeds and often use a different socket than their data center counterparts. However, for some time now and depending on the type of application for which they are used, two types of variants have appeared: workstations and the more modest HEDT.


What do we know about the AMD Threadrippper PRO 7905W and 7900WX?

AMD Threadripper PRO 7905W and 7900WX Leaked List

Through a list, although it was no secret, we have been able to learn that AMD will soon introduce 7000 series of its workstation and HEDT CPUs sooner or later. Which will be subdivided into two different ranges, each one of them using a different socket that will give it different technical specifications in terms of memory.

  • In the case of workstations, the socket will be SP5 which will have the following technical specifications
    • 8 channels of DDR5 memory.
    • LGA socket 6096 pins
    • 128 PCI Express 5.0 lanes.
  • On the other hand the socket for HEDT, the SP6is much simpler and brings the following features:
    • 4 channels of DDR5 memory.
    • LGA socket 4096 pins
    • 64 PCI Express 5.0 lanes.

By the distribution of pins for both sockets you will have already guessed that they are two different families. Thus, the AMD Threadripper PRO 7905W is designed for workstations, while the 7900WX is designed for HEDT systems.

Based on Zen 4 architecture

AMD Genoa Render possible Threadripper 7905WX 1

Like the desktop AMD Ryzen 7000 and EPYC 9000, these will use the same CCDs with Zen 4 cores. However, rumors have not yet spoken about the total number of cores. The highest setting that can be achieved is 96 colors with the ability to run 192 threads of execution. However, we have to start from the fact that the IOD chip could be different in the AMD Threadripper PRO 7905X and 7900WX since they support fewer DDR5 memory channels, but we cannot forget that the SP5 socket is the same as its range. of servers.

So at best the Threadripper PRO 7905W could carry the same 96 cores as the more powerful EPYC 9004. Instead, in the worst case, and scaling according to memory channels. So I would have a configuration of 64 cores. A configuration even greater than the 56 cores of the most powerful Xeon W from Intel. As for the 7900WX, obviously the core configuration will be lower. Although rather, we will wait to see these CPUs are announced.


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