The apocalypse of STALKER 2 will not arrive this year, but GSC Game World gives us the beginning of the work

Tom Henry

The development of STALKER 2: Heart of Chornobyl is being one of the most complicated in memory. The Russian invasion has shaken Ukraine and consequently the studio responsible, GSC Game World. However, the developer has shared a new preview of the work.

It is, nothing more and nothing less, than the beginning of the game. In just under three minutes we are shown the Zone, the region with the highest radioactivity in the entire game. Of course, the chaos that will be unleashed in the place is total, so you will have to keep your eyes wide open.

On the other hand, what we already knew since Sunday has been confirmed. STALKER 2: Heart of Chornobyl is finally leaving until 2023, even though the release date had been pushed back to December this year. Obviously, the difficulties of working under these conditions have ended up affecting all the members of the studio.

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Development diary since the war

On the other hand, GSC Game World has shown in a development diary the harsh conditions they have had to go through since the war in Ukraine broke out. Its components explain that the battle “makes you get used to a new reality without real security, even at home.”

With everything, the work to get the title forward continues and from the company they request help for Ukraine through the fundraising platform of the country’s government. Numerous companies such as Microsoft, Nintendo or Sony have ceased their commercial activity in Russia in retaliation for the invasion.

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