The Apple iPhone 15 Pro Max has temperature problems

Tom Henry

the apple iphone 15 pro max has temperature problems

Apple is having great sales of all its terminals, but specifically, the one that sells the most is undoubtedly its most powerful and fastest version, the iPhone 15 Pro Max. But after the reviews last night the first negative data about this phone arrived, and they are really worrying, since they reveal that all that glitters is not gold. And it is that This iPhone 15 Pro Max suffers from a series of temperature problems quite curious and that only gamers will be able to appreciate as a general rule.

This phone, as we already saw, is aimed at gamers. Apple wants to get on the bandwagon of games on devices and therefore, in the CPU section there are hardly any changes (not to say that it is a rehash at a higher frequency) while everything is focused on the GPU and Ray Tracing. Due to this, and the performance data that we are going to see, you may consider buying this smartphone if you plan to play…

Apple iPhone 15 Pro Max, the A17 Pro at 3 nm has serious temperature problems

We have been saying it since before these reviews: the A17 Pro is a slightly improved A16 Bionic. The SoC is also manufactured in the node N3B, which has large energy leaks and was quickly withdrawn by TSMC giving rise to the much more optimal N3E. These arguments are key to understanding the following data, because at first we will think that everything is going well, but then surely not so much.

First of all, performance in Geekbench 6. The iPhone 15 Pro Max has obtained with its A17 Pro as SoC a Monocore score of 2,999 pointswhich is really impressive, while in Multicore it amounts to 7,779.

Apple iPhone 15 Pro Max performance (5)

Comparatively speaking, this represents a difference of almost 12.5% with its monocore predecessor and a 8.9% in multicore. Why are the differences reduced in the second factor? Well, because of the problems that we have mentioned.

Almost 46ºC in the hands, TSMC’s 3 nm begins to show its weaknesses

Apple iPhone 15 Pro Max performance (7)

And if we add to the fact that the node is not its best version, that production was rushed to meet deadlines and that, in addition, Apple raised the frequencies of the SoC in general, also increasing its consumption, What we find is a complex cocktail to manage.

It is reported that the measured thermals have been nothing less than 45.3º C in the hands, that is, and if we talk about its Pro version simply, it was almost 50º C. The worst of all this is that this temperature was reached in a few minutes, the duration of the benchmark, something that is not representative if it weren’t for the fact that there is another more common scenario of use that also raises temperatures: games.

Apple’s new iGPU is more powerful and is also four times faster in Ray Tracing than the A16 Bionic. The temperature problems of this iPhone 15 Pro Max and its SoC are completely parallel to those of the benchmark, except that in this case it will last many more minutes, even hours, depending on how much the user wants to play.

Apple iPhone 15 Pro Max performance (2)

In short, we will have a terminal above 50º C sustained (almost two degrees higher than its predecessor), where the SoC will slow down due to this, to preserve its integrity, causing us to lose performance along the way.

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