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The Apple M2 Max with 38 Core GPU is 35% slower than the RTX 4070 Mobile

Apple stopped using processors and graphics from Intel, AMD and NVIDIA a few years ago, in order to focus on designing its own chips. It was in 2020 when they surprised us with the first Apple M1 chip, demonstrating great performance with energy efficiency far superior to the competition. However, the M2s that came after were not surprising, as they only offered a slight improvement in performance and efficiency. We now have data from Apple M2 Maxwith a 38 core GPUwhich offers a performance much lower than expected.


When Apple launched its chip M1, we were all surprised to see what a huge advantage it had over its previous Intel and AMD setups. And it is that, this one had a 8 core CPU powerful enough to compete with the mid-range processors on the market. Besides, his 8 core GPU it offered quite competitive performance, especially considering its low power consumption. And here was the main advantage of Apple, the great battery life which it achieved by using its own chips as opposed to using the alternatives of AMD and NVIDIA.

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Apple M2 Max performance: it is inferior to a laptop RTX 4070

With the advent of the second generation of Apple chips like the M2, many users were disappointed to see little increase in performance and power efficiency. In addition, these arrived together with a price increasesuch as those experienced by Apple MacBook Air M2. Still, it was still an improvement, but people wanted more and for that, we have the M2 Pro and M2 Max that come with a much more powerful GPU. Now we finally have a leak that tells us what the performance of the Apple’s most powerful chipthe M2Max.

This brings with it a 12-core CPU and a 38-core GPU, so it will have 4 more processor cores and a graphics card with 4 times more cores, so we expected a huge performance gain. But reality shows us a totally different perspective, because the M2 Max with this powerful graphics is unable to defeat an RTX 4070 Mobile. At least according to the data we see in Geekbench’s OpenCL test, where it only gets 75,139 points.

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To give us an idea, an RTX 4070 Mobile achieves 102,130 pointswhich means that the M2 Max is 35% slower. In Apple’s defense, the M2 Max probably has a CPU+GPU consumption close to NVIDIA’s graphics, but even so its performance is not as high as expected.

The GPU of the M2 Max performs 9% less than that of the M1 Ultra

Continuing with the performance figures of OpenCL, we can check in which position the M2 Max would stay. With its little more than 75,000 points, it would be located just below the Apple M1 Ultra and graphics like Radeon RX 6600the old AMD rx vegathe RTX 2070 Super Max-Q wave 6700M of laptop. For a GPU with 38 cores, these do not seem to scale and offer 4 times more power, rather it stays in the middle ground. Now if we go to the Geekbench tests with Metalwe see something similar, where here the M2 Max gets 86,805 points.

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By comparison, the M1 Ultra of the past generation achieves 94,584 pointsso it would be a 9% faster. Of course, not everything is negative, since the M2 Pro and M2 Ultra are between a 20 and 30% faster than the M1 Pro and Ultra. Although it is true that this improvement is appreciated, the truth is that the best Apple chip to date will continue to be unable to compete in the graphic aspect, which is where there are the most differences with respect to the M2. But again and as we say in every Geekbench test, the results of this benchmark are not so reliable like others, both CPU and GPU. Therefore, we will be attentive to see if other benchmarks and games are leaked soon.


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