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The Ark 2 release date could be much further away than you think

the ark 2 release date could be much further away

According to Digital Domain’s annual report, Ark 2 is no longer scheduled for release by the end of 2024, and look further into the spring 2025 window.

This is clearly bad news for fans of the survival title, who were promised the game would be in their hands in 2022 when it was announced in 2020. However, the game has been hit by a series of huge delays since it began shipping. work on it, which means we probably won’t see it for at least two years.


Digital Domain has worked closely with Studio Wildcard throughout the development of Ark 2, but while this would make us assume that the 2025 claim is legitimate, Studio Wildcard has commented to GamesRadar that the date is just a typo.

This could very well be the case, or perhaps Studio Wildcard is just hoping to get away from the current bad public opinion after fans criticized it for forcing players to buy the upcoming remastered version of Ark: Survival Evolved.

Do you think it’s possible that Ark 2 could come out in 2024?

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