The ARK remaster is delayed, but instead it will be released at a discount

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the ark remaster is delayed, but instead it will be

In the dinosaur game genre, the most famous of all is arguably ARK: Survival Evolved. This one rose to fame despite having a horrible debut, where it was full of bugs and had horrible performance, the result of poor optimization with Unreal Engine. Over time the game has evolved favorably and the developers announced a remaster in UE5. This ARK remaster called Survival Ascended will suffer a delay in its release date expected, but to make up for it, the developers promise a discount when it goes on sale.

ARK: Survival Evolved It is one of those games that we have seen our friends play on more than one occasion or in YouTube videos and networks. It could be considered as the Minecraft of dinosaurs, both in its facet of open world, exploration and certain creativity, as well as its fame. no game of Jurassic Park or the mythical dino crisis have been able to get close to the sales figures for this game. This is hard to say for a game that opened to a ton of negative reviews.

The ARK remaster is delayed, its new release date is in October

ARK Survival Ascended

ARK: Survival Evolved is a survival-adventure game created by Studio Wildcard and had early access for pc in 2015 and was subsequently released in August 2017 for major consoles. The idea of ​​this game is that the players appear in a world full of dinosaurs with hardly any clothes, weapons or anything of value. From here we have to see how we will survive, we will fight against the monsters and of course, the other players.

We will have to look for food, craft equipment and even learn to tame prehistoric beasts and then end up using them as a mount. ARK has had many improvements and with the release of the new consoles there were graphical changes. For Studio Wildcard it was not enough, since they announced a ARK remaster with Unreal Engine 5which theoretically would reach end of august. Well, this date should no longer be taken into account because they have announced that the game will be delayed to October 2023.

DLC is also delayed and the game will cost $40 at launch

ARK Survival cinematic

The reason for this delay is because the study has mentioned that working with Unreal Engine 5.2 is quite a challenge and they will need more time to launch a proper remaster for PC and the rest of the consoles. About this remastering, we know that it will come with The Island expansion included, but others DLC they have been delayed. Scorched Earth will arrive in December 2023, Ragnarok and Aberration They will be released in the first quarter of 2024 and the rest of the additional maps will be released later.

Studio Wildcard has gone from announcing a remaster that would arrive in just two months to one that will take 4 months to arrive and worst of all, the additional content is also delayed. Not only that, but the game will eventually launch as early access until the end of 2024. Throughout this time the game will be worth 45 dollars and with the additional discount of the launch it will remain in 40 dollars. Finally and due to this delay in the release date, the shutdown of original ARK servers becomes from August 31 to September 30th.

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