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The Artificial Island of Tower of Fantasy: how to unlock it, main features, housing system and much more

Tower of Fantasy has made it clear that it intends to continue introducing content. The test is the Artificial island, which brings with it a series of very important additions. The most interesting is the Housing System, which allows you to build your house and decorate it to your liking. However, getting to that point is not easy.

Below I will tell you everything you need to know about the Artificial Island of Tower of Fantasy: how to unlock it and where to find what you need, its main features, the housing system and finally the so-called Frostfire Interdimensional Dragon. Wow little name…

Artificial Island in Tower of Fantasy

The Artificial Island is the first major expansion for Tower of Fantasy. will come the September 15 for both mobile and PC players. To summarize: this is a new zone of islands for travelers of level 50 or higher. In addition, this location unlocks the Housing System.

The first question is obvious: how do I get to the Artificial Island? How do I unlock it? There are three paths you must follow:

  • Complete the main story up to Chapter 2.
  • Reach Level 55.
  • Progress in Vera’s Story (Unlocks at Level 14)

This last story will be the one that makes a ship appear in Muelle de Banges that gives you access to the Artificial Island. Once you get there, you have to keep doing things before you have full access:

  • Collect 10 Developer Logs scattered around the area.
  • Reach level 60.
  • Get 840 exploration points of the area.
Tower Of Fantyasy Blogs

10 Developer Registrations

What can you find on the Artificial Island?

This new area has new enemies and more resources. When you start to explore it, you will see that there are different types of monsters scattered all over the island. Defeating them will give you resources that you can use to upgrade buildings. These monsters respawn from weekly form to avoid heavy farming.

Artificial island

I'm trying to build my own Middle Earth in Minecraft while I wait for a new episode of The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power.  Goes wrong.

The most fearsome monster is called Frostframe Interdimensional Dragon And he’s a world boss. It is a robotic dragon with a snake tail ending. It is quite impressive and has a pint of putting a very rich hosts.

And why are you interested in upgrading buildings? because these buildings generate memories for you. The more improvements, the more resources. Use the Command Center (upgrade this first) to upgrade buildings and get lots of materials passively.

Artificial Dragon Island

You have at your disposal the would refine and the store. The first allows you to create different Simulacrum Matrices for King, Meryl, and Shiro, among others. You need to meet some requirements before accessing its full potential. The game tells you everything you need to do. On the other hand, the store offers more materials: chips, weapon increase boxes, cosmetic items and more.

Housing System in Tower of Fantasy

When you have reached and gained full access to Artificial Island, then you will unlock the Housing System. The most important thing is the 10 Developer Logs. And what is the housing system or housing? It’s about a private space in which you can create your own base and invite your friends to see it.

Within this private area you can build a series of buildings that will allow you to passively decorate and obtain resources. As I have mentioned above, you must kill certain weekly monsters to create these buildings and improve them. The more the better, the more production.

Artificial Island House

The most important building and that you should prioritize is the command center, which allows you to level up the rest of the buildings. The interesting thing is that the rest of the buildings cannot have a higher level than the center itself. Do you already understand why prioritization?

And the final question is: what the hell is the housing system in Tower of Fantasy for? carry out the Weekly activities, which includes daily interactions and killing elite monsters, will give you the chance to create your own Matrices and get a lot of materials. Plus, it’s your house!

One last tip: this new map has its own purple and gold cores. So I recommend you take a look at the interactive map of the Artificial Island to find them all.

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