The Barbie movie has also been banned in Vietnam

the barbie movie has also been banned in vietnam Barbie barbie movie barbie cartoon

Tom Henry

The Barbie movie has also been banned in Vietnam

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It is not the first time we have heard of markets where movies or video games are censored by the local government. The most fragrant and recent case is found in Saudi Arabia, where they decided to ban Final Fantasy XVI a long time ago.

Today we have a completely different new case, since it seems more focused on a geopolitical issue than on moral issues. The Vietnamese authorities have prohibited the release of Barbie in the country because they consider that within the film there is a map favorable to China that does not illustrate the borders correctly, as indicated by Variety.

Apparently, on the map that appears in the film is drawn the so-called line of nine points, which represents a border in which China is allowed ownership of around 90% of the South China Sea. This includes parts of territory claimed by Vietnam and other countries. Nor is it the first time that Vietnam has hindered a film based on the nine-point line, a luck that Uncharted also had last year.

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