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The Batman spin-off series The Penguin will consist of eight episodes, according to Colin Farrell

James Gunn and Peter Safran’s new plan for the future of DC is now clear and underway. The heads of DC Studios have segregated the ongoing projects into two parts: those that are part of the DC Cinematic Universe and the independent spin offs. One of those that are cataloged in this second group would be the movie The Batman starring Robert Pattinson, in which Colin Farrell also appeared with a ton of makeup to briefly play Oswald Cobblepotwho we all know as the Penguin.

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Well, it turns out that Farrell will be able to continue exploring the character in a TV series centered on the Penguin’s rise to power after the murder of crime lord Falcone in The Batman. And now we know that this series will consist of eight episodes, as revealed by the actor in the Variety podcast ‘Awards Circuit Podcast’:

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“It’s going to be an eight-episode series around Oz’s rise to power, filling that power vacuum created when Falcone was killed. Matt’s idea was for the Penguin series to start a week after the end of the Batman movie. And if it works, if the trajectory is interesting and the public accepts it, and we do our job well, the second installment of Penguin will pick up where the HBO series left off.”


The filming of The Penguin begins on February 28, so there is still a while until we can see Colin Farrell again as Batman’s enemy.

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