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The benefits of playing video games

The benefits of playing video games go beyond entertainment, as statistics have shown year after year.

These have been very helpful in fighting depression and anxiety. In this field, the Nintendo Switch has brought joy to millions of people for being a cheap console with an excellent catalog of games.

Despite this, many parents are still against this hobby. The main cause are the rumors that games cause long-term problems such as blindness or loss of cognitive abilities. But those who hold this opinion usually ignore the various benefits that playing video games moderately can bring.

In this article we will review some of them, pointing out the results of different studies conducted around the world on the effect of video games on gamers.

teach languages

Countless gamers have learned a new language through foreEsports Extraslanguage video games.

some titles they are so intuitive at first that allow players to progress even if they don’t understand what is happening in the story. Later, when the plot or game mechanics get complicated, players are so immersed in the game that they will prefer the perhaps tedious work of translating the text to stopping.

Multiple studies mention video games as a great modern tool to learn new languages. The reason is that the games offer interesting dialogues, different grammatical structures and lots of opportunities to expand your vocabulary. All this while the game itself keeps you hooked and helps you relieve stress.

Even passively, those who play video games have developed a larger vocabulary in languages ​​such as English or Japanese. That is why today game children know the meaning of words like “play”, “start” or “fight”; even if they never set out to learn them.

They favor critical thinking

The critical thinking it is one of the two most desired qualities in recent college graduates, along with reflective learning.

Both skills are taught in video games, according to a study conducted by the University of Glasgow. According to the results, many video games require players to develop critical thinking to solve problems or adapt to different situations. This in turn has a positive effect on college education.

Video games invite users to think outside the box, which requires the brain to act more flexibly than in real life. This is useful as the information stored in your mind can be updated or completely replaced by new information if necessary, as also suggested by a study by Lorenza et al.

Keeping an open and attentive mind is of the utmost importance to survive in the games. Players who bring this notion to real life have shown improvement in their inventiveness, communication skills and resourcefulness.

They improve the strategy

Some research suggests that strategy games can improve brain function in adults. In fact, at keep the brain fitare some of the recommendations to prevent dementia and Alzheimer’s.

A longitudinal study pointed to a relationship between Strategy games and the ability to solve problems in real life, which is how intelligence is defined. Teenagers who said they were playing strategy video games showed an improvement in your grades the following yearsince these games require training the ability to solve problems.

Other research carried out in England studied the cognitive flexibility of 72 female students, who were asked to play video games for 40 hours over a period of six to eight weeks. However, half played The Sims (a real-life simulator), and the other half played StarCraft (a real-time strategy game).

After some psychological tests it was found that the women who played the strategy title had a greater ability to adapt and switch between tasks, as well as think of multiple ideas at the same time to solve problems. These are the traits that define cognitive flexibility.

Strategy games can be of great help to develop the ability to solve problems quickly, another of the great benefits of playing video games.

benefits of playing video games

Stimulate creativity and visual memory

McDermott et al. conducted some memory tests with two groups of people, in order to discover the benefits of playing video games in this field, if they existed.

The results of the study were highly interesting, since those who played video games showed a greater ability to retain multiple branches of information, something similar to when you have several saved games of the same game. They also had greater accuracy when it came to tasks involving visual short-term memory.

In fact, in another study by Ferguson, Cruz and Rueda, a relationship was found between video games and visual memory. This is because games require the player to pay close attention to what is displayed on the screen, so are more sensitive to visual information. Memory and attention to detail are other benefits of playing video games.

The University of California also found that playing 3D video games helps improve memory, coordination, and reaction times. Michigan State University also found that children who played video games showed more creativity when drawing and writing stories, regardless of the genre or theme of the game.

Video games transport you to new worlds with unique characters and rules, requiring players to constantly train their creativity and visual memory. With so many benefits, it’s no wonder gamers flock to Black Friday deals, especially when gaming has been proven to help relieve stress and fight anxiety, too.

benefits of playing video games

They encourage teamwork

The benefits of playing video games are often outweighed by other factors. It is true that the games can have a negative impact in school performance if they are abused, but this has more to do with the inappropriate use that some people give it, than with an effect caused by games.

Video games do not make people less intelligent, quite the opposite. They enhance cognitive abilities and constantly stimulate the use of both hemispheres of the brain.

The University of Glasgow conducted tests in which it was known that video games they not only improved learning, but also other skills that companies look for in their employees. These include resourcefulness, critical thinking, and communication skills.

But one of the most important features it’s teamwork, essential to perform your tasks successfully in a work or educational environment. Cooperative video games, whether online or offline, constantly encourage players to cooperate with others to accomplish a common goal. This regardless of whether the other people are strangers or acquaintances.

A Brigham Young University study conducted at 80 teams formed at that time, showed that video game activities were better as a teamwork exercise. The teams that played video games were a 20% more productive than those who performed traditional team building exercises.

Other studies have shown that video game players they tend to be less prejudiced and more cooperative when they have a common goal. These factors have made many companies turn to video games as a way to improve teamwork among their employees.

benefits of playing video games

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