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The best (and cheapest) controllers to play on mobile

Discover the controls compatible with Android and iPhone to play.

The best (and cheapest) controllers to play on mobile
There are many controls compatible with Android and iPhone to play on mobile

The cloud game It is a technology that is still in development. It has a lot of room for improvement, but you can already use the mobile devices to play any video game. All you need is a compatible controller and in AliExpress there is a great variety of models. The best controllers to play on mobile are those that facilitate grip and they do not disturb the viewing area. But the most important thing is that some devices are very cheap and you won’t have to spend a lot of money.

In AliExpress there are SuperOffers in technology products and that includes controllers compatible with iPhone and Android. The advantage of these controllers is that they are easily connected using Bluetooth wireless technology. In the following list we have made a selection with quality controls of brands like Razer or 8bitdo, specialist in this type of peripherals. In addition to lower prices, AliExpress guarantees free shipping and discount coupons that you can use to save more money.

The cheapest controls to play on mobile in AliExpress

GameSir controller for mobile

The GameSir controller is one of the best options to play on mobile


In this selection, we have thought about any type of user. But none exceeds 70 euros, being the best cheap options for turn your mobile into a portable console. If you are interested, below you can see very different controls, as well as supports to improve the gaming experience.

  • GameSir Controller: one of the most professional controllers you can buy is from GameSir for desEsports Extrasand price, xCloud-compatible. It is connected by cable, which avoids having latency problems. And it has a powerful battery of 500mAh to offer good autonomy. In terms of design, it easily adapts to any device because it has a extendable support until it exceeds 17 centimeters. The handles have a rough texture and anti-slip on the back to improve grip and precision of actions.
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GameSir Controller

  • Limited Edition 8BitDo Controller: This brand is specialized in retro peripherals for play old games or on outdated consoles. But it also includes in its catalog jewels such as this remote control limited edition with Chinese iconography. This controller is wireless and compatible with Nintendo Switch, PC and Android. It is very comfortable and light to take anywhere with the mobile. So you can play some games with style. Your desEsports Extrasis very niceelegant and has the most basic controls such as analog sticks, directional padaction buttons and triggers.
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Limited Edition 8BitDo Controller

  • Terios T3 X3 Wireless Controller: if you do not want to complicate yourself, there are controls conventional that are compatible with mobile phones. A good example is this wireless controller for iPhone and Android It connects using Bluetooth 3.0 technology. The difference with other models is that it includes a support in the center to support the device securely. Thus, greater stability is achieved to play video games normally. Cost very cheap and offers good non-slip grips for the hands. The analog sticks are symmetrical, so the directional pad it stays on top in line with the action buttons.

Terios T3 X3 Wireless Controller

  • Saitake 7007F Wireless Controller: Players who are used to Switch, you can find a command very similar on AliExpress. This wireless controller slightly changes the ergonomics to make it more comfortable and is compatible with iOS and Android. Precisely these grips have a different texture from the rest so that getting a greater support. The main structure can also be extended up to 16 centimeters to fit the mobile. Has the asymmetrical analog sticksbut does not have a crosshead.
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Saitake 7007F Wireless Controller

  • Razer Kishi for Android: Possibly this is the best known mobile controller. fame precedes you because it has very good characteristics for gaming. It is a command with extendable sides that offers the best support for mobile phones with a protective rubber on the inside. It is the most expensive model on this list, but also the one with best ratings of the users. It is not wireless, but connects via usb type c and avoid latency issues. It has a basic control layout with very precise asymmetrical stickssomething that can also be seen in the touch of the rest of the buttons.

Razer Kishi for Android

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