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The best Borderlands 2 DLC is now free on Steam

Though it’s been over a decade since its release, and there have been a few strong entries in the franchise since then, it’s seemed like much of Borderlands is chasing the glory of the second game. Handsome Jack is the best villain in the franchise, but besides him, Borderlands 2 also packs some great DLC.

Perhaps the king of all those DLCs was Tina Chiquitina assaults the dragon’s dungeon: a unique adventure. Taking players on a Dungeons and Dragons-inspired adventure where Tiny Tina controls the world, this fantasy spin-off was so popular that it spawned Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands.


If you haven’t managed to play Chiquitina Tina Raid the Dragon’s Dungeon: A Unique Adventure yet, you can get the game for free right now on Steam by adding it to your account. this offer lasts until March 23so you have a little time before it runs out.

Are you going to play Tiny Tina Raids the Dragon’s Dungeon: A Unique Adventure?

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