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The best crosshair color for each VALORANT map

VALORANT patch 5.04 has been a before and after when it comes to crosshairs. Riot Games gave greater versatility when configuring them, a key aspect within the shooters in first person. The comfort of the players is key to be able to play correctly. One of the most important aspects is the color, choosing the most comfortable tonality to be able to correctly distinguish between the crosshairs and the objects on the map. For this reason, a programmer has explained on Reddit what is the best color of cross hair for each VALORANT map.

Reddit user’s explanation of the best color of cross hair for each map of VALORANT it is not an opinion, but the result of a Python script, a kind of code is created so that you can specifically solve a task. What the programmer did was record himself in custom games where he looked at every possible angle. Already with the recording that the script will determine the best color for the peepholes through the video. The results are the following:

  • ascent: light cyan (#00e0ff)
  • bind: light blue (#00a1ff)
  • breeze: bold light blue (#00ffdf)
  • fracture: dark blue (#005bff)
  • Haven: dark blue (#0078ff)
  • Ice box: striking green (#2aff00)
  • Pearl: flashy blue (#ff1d00)
  • General: cyan (#00b5ff)

In general terms, blue is the best color on most maps, dethroning other traditional colors such as green or red. As of patch 5.04, players can choose the crosshair color directly from the game settings, as well as being able to adjust the vertical and horizontal lines independently. Another key aspect is the option of being able to copy the settings of the chrosshair as a spectator, beyond expanding the available sights.

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