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the best heatsink for Core 13 and Ryzen 7000

If the Core 13 and the Ryzen 7000 have something in common, it is that they are tremendously hot, something that has never been seen as standard on PC and by both parties at the same time. There is no doubt that Intel and AMD have put everything on the grill to the limit, but this is generating a temperature problem that is neither easy nor cheap to solve. For this reason, the manufacturer of heatsinks JUISHARK has had the brilliant idea of ​​creating an over-the-air model capable of dealing with both platforms and processors, even the fastest and hottest. so is the JIUSHARK JF13K Diamond.

Well, finally someone tries to do something different in CPU coolers, and although the idea as such is not new, it does raise the bar one step further, and as if that were not enough, it also offers greater compatibility and balance between performance and vertical dimensions. , which is not easy.


JIUSHARK JF13K Diamond, the heatsink that competes with the best AIOs


It may not surpass them in general terms, at least the podium of models that reigns in the high range, but it does in quality, performance and price. What we have here is a large heatsink that instead of opting for a vertical tower design, it does so horizontally, taking advantage of the width of the motherboard.

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The measurements are really interesting: 241 x 121 x 92mm and yes, less than 10 cm high, which makes it suitable for some Mini-ITX cases, seeing is believing. The “trick” is to use low-profile fans 15 mm thick, which reduces the total height by 1 cm and leaves its installation only horizontal.


With so little height and so much width, you are surely thinking that it collides with RAM memories, and you would be right, although it will not be with all of them, far from it. The heatsink at this point (the heights from the motherboard to its body) is asymmetrical, having two available heights: 59mm or 50mmwhich leaves plenty of room for many types of modules.

To shed some light on this matter, compact or low profile modules are usually between 40mm and 45mm high, normal modules including RGB are usually between 50 and 55mm high, so except those that If they exceed that figure for different reasons, we can install any RAM on the market without worries in this JIUSHARK JF13K Diamond.

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Advantages and performance

Being such a large heatsink and introducing positive pressure air towards the board, we will have better cooling in RAM and in the VRMs, which although they will introduce hot air towards them, this will normally be better than not having a direct flow. And it is necessary to take into account that this JIUSHARK JF13K Diamond can dispel a whopping amount of up to 265 real wattsentering into direct competition with the best AIOs on the market.

This is possible by 7 heat pipes that integrates, in addition to a dissipation body more typical of a GPU heatsink than a CPU, with almost 25 cm width. In fact, the manufacturer has shown the ultra hot i9-11900K consuming 217 watts in full stress to 85ºC sustained and without Thermal Throttling. Pressing the processor in frequency and voltage the consumption shot up to 251Wmanaging to reach the 100ºCbut without exceeding TjMax.

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This is the equivalent to the consumption of the i9-13900K and 13900KS, or the Ryzen 9 7950X, with the advantage that these have a greater total area in IHS, which helps to improve temperatures at the same consumption compared to the 11900K, which proportionally it is much smaller.

The best thing is not the performance, which is spectacular, but its price. And it is that it is sold for 270 RMB, or what is the same, 40 dollars to change or 37.89 euros without taxes at our borders, or almost 46 euros with taxes. It is offered in black and white, where the fans can also be replaced, if we want, by high-performance ones, gaining degrees of temperature for the processor and sound, since the standard ones rotate between 800-1800RPM putting in a flow of 23.46-64.51 CFMwhich is very restrained.

The only bad thing is that for now it is only sold in China, but the manufacturer plans to gradually land on other continents as soon as said heatsink is successful in sales.


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