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The best Nintendo eShop deals to end this summer

the best nintendo eshop deals to end this summer

Nintendo Switch has a very varied catalog at its disposal, and with the arrival of summer we were able to witness great offers at very juicy prices.. The Best Nintendo eShop Offers to end this summer have to be a must for your libraryTherefore, in this article we will make a compilation of the best offers that you can currently get before putting the final climax to this summer that has left so many events and discounts on the Nintendo platform.

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This War of Mine: Complete Edition – €1.99

With a 95% discount on its original price, the complete delivery of This War of Mine will not fully immerse itself in the perspective of civilians looking to survive in a war environment. One of the most successful games years ago and now on Nintendo Switch we can get the most out of it and for less than €2. Don’t miss the chance!


Amnesia Collection – €2.79

The collection of one of the most classic horror sagas in the entire history of video games, is enjoying an offer that has left the final price of the product as if it were candy. Amensia Collection in the eShop can be obtained for less than €3 and it will make you spend several hours of terror. Immerse yourself in three nightmares that will make your blood run cold.

Vampire Survivors – €4.49

Vampire Survivors on Nintendo Switch with a 10% discount

One of the most spectacular vampire games of all time has come to Nintendo Switch, caused quite a sensation in the community and we can get it for less than €5 currently. Survive at all costs and hordes of enemies that will do the impossible not to see you victorious!

LEGO Worlds – €4.79


A galaxy of worlds and unique opportunities open up in this installment of the LEGO franchise. We will be able to explore new corners full of creativity and imagination, get a new home and discover all the secrets that you can find in LEGO Worlds for €4.79.


Spiritfarer: Farewell Edition – €6.24

Have you ever wondered the power you have over death? You are the guide of the spirits and you will have challenges ahead that only you can carry out. Join the adventure, farm, collect all possible resources and endure in a unique story full of fantasy and epic moments that has captivated millions of players on Nintendo Switch.

Sonic Forces – €7.99

One of the Sonic games that allows you to create your own character. We will have up to 3 different game modes and a series of characters to manage. Jump from one side to another and travel through a world full of possibilities and also dangers.

Sonic Mania – €7.99

Returning to the essence of the first Sonic, Sonic Mania confirms the return of 2D in the franchise. Originally released in 2017 for Nintendo Switch and later on PC, Sonic Mania is the return of 2D platforming in the saga of the blue hedgehog and one of the most popular games in the franchise in recent years.


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Diablo II Resurrected – €13.19

The second installment of Diablo, completely remastered and adapted for Nintendo Switch, is one of those Classic RPGs that cannot be missing from your library at all. If you want to relive the events of the Diablo saga and all the power and mystery that surrounds its second part, this is the ideal time to get a digital copy for Nintendo Switch.

Monster Hunter Rise – €15.99

Monster Hunter Rise

This installment of the Monster Hunter franchise has been tremendously successful, enjoying an idyllic position on Nintendo Switch. We can now get a copy of one of the most important titles of the moment for €15.99 instead of €39.99 which costs its base price. The hunt continues in distant lands, will you be able to survive?


Blasphemous 2 – €26.99

Blasphemous 2

The second installment of Blasphemous has landed and in style on Nintendo Switch and other platforms. The long-awaited continuation of the first part of Blasphemous is being a hot topic in the video game community and is not for less. You can also get a copy for Switch for €26.99, a fairly cheap price if we take into account that it came out a couple of days ago. Are you going to miss it?

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