The best Pokemon for Gyms, Raids and PvP

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the best pokemon for gyms, raids and pvp

Pokemon GO has a catalog of activities to perform either alone or accompanied by other players.

The title recently debuted a Temporary Investigation accompanied by a new feature. But it is also preparing the Pokemon GO Fest 2023 that will bring the powerful Mega Rayquaza, in addition to the rare Carbink and Diancie. Not counting his plans for the 7th anniversary.

So before these celebrations, it’s a good idea to commemorate the most powerful Pokemon that are frequently used by players for Gyms, Raids, PvP Battles, and more.

Tyranitar, powerful and resistant in Raids

one of the choices most popular in Pokemon GO when it comes to completing Raids it is undoubtedly the powerful Tyranitar, especially in its dark variant with more offensive power.

Due to its solid Rock and Dark types, as well as its monstrous stats, Tyranitar is one of the most viable options for completing Raids. His Bite and Fel Spin moves are some of the most effective against bosses. And although it is more expensive to upgrade, you can get it relatively easily by facing the Team GO Rocket.

Blissey, the best defender of Gyms in Pokemon GO

Whenever you need to defend Gyms you will find that Blissey is one of the best defending monsters in pokemon go.

Blissey has a Normal typing that grants it few weaknesses, immunity to Ghost typing, and a wide variety of useful moves. What really stands out though is his incredible HP stat that he even blows off the charts; perfect for defending Gyms.

Groudon and his Mega Evolution

This is one of the Legendaries most used in Pokemon GO for Raids due to an interesting quirk.

Groudon has access to an impressive Mega Evolution that significantly increases his offensive and defensive stats. Additionally, his moves Edge of the Abyss and Sludge Shot can be devastating to his bosses, especially if they receive the STAB multiplier.

The only downside is that you’ll have to get the Legendary first, then build up enough Mega Energy to turn it into Primal Groudon. But if you manage to do it, you will have many Incursions guaranteed.

Swampert, a solid choice in Pokemon GO

Curiously, one of the initials of the third generation ended up becoming one of the strongest of Pokemon GO.

Swampert became very popular in PvP due to his access to multiple leagues, as well as his versatility and stamina in combat. He is the best option in the Super Ball. He has good moves thanks to his Water and Ground-types, such as Hydro Cannon and Mud Shot; among others.

Best Pokemon GO

Registeel, the favorite of the Ultra Ball League

There is a great debate between Cresselia and Registeel when it comes to the Pokemon GO Ultra Ball League. However, the Steel-type Titan is arguably the more popular of the two in PvP.

The reason is due to its incredible Defense stat of 285 coupled with its HP of 190, while maintaining an Attack of 143. It also has the combination of Lock On and True Wave, two powerful Fighting-type moves that are super effective against many. Pokemon.

Best Pokemon GO

Lugia, a threat in Pokemon GO

Another of the most popular pokemon for ranked battles in Pokemon GO is none other than the mighty Lugia.

This popular Legendary is widely used in high level games where it is not limited by the PC. Thanks to its Psychic and Flying typing, it has great moves like Air Strike and Premonition, but surprises us with others like Dragon Tail and Hydro Pump. With impressive base stats both offensively and defensively, Lugia is an all-around threat in the Master Ball League.

Best Pokemon GO

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