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The best Pokemon of the Oceania International Championship

He Oceania International Championship of Pokemon Scarlet and Purple has taken place on February 17 and 19, 2023 in Melbourne (Australia). Previously we already told you which were the most used Pokemon on the first day, now we will explain which ones have dominated the event. Among the most used it is observed that clearly the Paradox Pokemon have been important. However, in the last day they have had a minor role.

The three Pokemon that have most attracted the attention of the Oceania International Championship of Pokemon Scarlet and Purple They have been: Ferrosaco (Ice/Water), Dragonite (Dragon/Flying) and Arcanine (Fire).


Ferrosaco has dominated the Pokemon Scarlet and Purple Oceania International Championship

In the first day, Fluttermane (Ghost/Fairy) had a major protagonist, but ultimately ferrousac Has been imposed. This one has a higher base speed than Mane Flutter, albeit by only one level, 136. He also stands out for his base special attack, but it’s still lower than Mane Flutter. However, it is true that the combination of movements hydropump (Water) with power 110 and precision 80 along with lyophilization (Ice) with power 70 and precision 100 with a 10% chance to freeze is extremely effective. In addition, due to their types, they are effective against a large part of the Pokemon used in the competitive game, such as Arcanine or Bramaluna (Dragon/Dark).

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It’s no wonder ferrousac has been the second most used Pokemon during the Oceania International Championship and the most used on the second day. It works well as a pokemon to resist hits.

Dragonite: another Pokemon that has given war


Dragonite It stands out especially for its Extreme Speed ​​(Normal) attack. This move has 80 power and 100 accuracy, plus it’s also a high priority attack. All of this added to the Choice Tape item to increase attack by 50%. Also, his Multiscale hidden ability causes them to deal less damage to him if he is at full health. It is a good offensive Pokemon thanks also to its base attack of 134 and special attack of 100. Thus, the best strategy with it is to keep it alive while launching strong attacks to weaken the opponent.

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While is true that Dragonite could have had a greater role, it has also stood out for being present in the team that won the final of the Oceania International Championship of Pokemon Scarlet and Purple. The user is named Gavin Michael.

Arcanine: a Pokemon widely used in the competitive


Like Dragonite, Arcanine it also has the move Extreme Speed. thanks to his skill Intimidation can reduce the opponent’s attack by one level when they enter combat. Among its moves it has Wildfire (Fire) with precision 85 that causes the target to burn.

Arcanine it has a base attack stat of 110 and a special attack of 100. A very interesting offensive Pokemon and quite used in the competitive. Another essential attack that has stood out in his arsenal is Fiery Blitz (Fire) with power of 120 and precision of 100, apart from causing a lot of damage, it has a 10% chance of causing burns. It is capable of dealing with other Pokemon that are widely used in competitive competition, such as Gholdengo (Steel/Ghost) or Amoonguss (Grass/Poison). Therefore, apart from being offensive in itself, it is effective against other competitive Pokemon.

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What was the winning team of the Pokemon Scarlet and Purple Oceania International Championship?

the american player gavin michael he won Oceania International Championship of Pokemon Scarlet and Purple with the following team: Ferropalmas (Fighting/Electric), Amoonguss, Baxcalibur (Dragon/Ice), Palafin (Water), Pelipper (Water/Flying) and Dragonite.


Followed by Alberto Lara with Garchomp (Dragon/Ground), Corviknight (Flying/Steel), Volcarona (Bug/Fire), Ferrosaco, Klefki (Steel/Fairy) and Bramaluna. And in third position is Yuya Tada with Volcarona, Maneleteo, Arcanine, Dondozo (Water), Tatsugiri (Dragon/Water) and Dragonite.

The next Pokemon Scarlet and Purple International Championships will be from Europe in the United Kingdom (London) during the days of April 14 to 16, 2023.

What do you think of these Pokemon that were protagonists of the Oceania International Championship of Pokemon Scarlet and Purple?


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