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The best sniper in PUBG goes viral on TikTok – She’s so good at math it looks like cheating

27-year-old Dana “Danucd” Gard is a Twitch streamer, most notably showing PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG). She is considered the best sniper in online shooters: opponents often accuse her of having to cheat. In videos on TikTok she now shows her secret: she is just good at math.

How was Danucd’s career on Twitch? The streamer is 27 and lives in Riga, Latvia. She plays almost exclusively the Battle Royale shooter PUBG:

  • Danucd started streaming in April 2018 and her channel on Twitch shot up from 2 viewers to an average of 2000 in half a year.
  • However, the problem was that PUBG has fallen sharply in popularity since 2018 after streamers like DrDisrespect, shroud and Summit1g left the game. In 2022, PUBG is only the 30th most watched Twitch game and many of the viewers are from Asia – in 2018, PUBG was still 4th.
  • Therefore, Danucd’s twitch career is now stagnating after the extremely steep rise in 2018: In the 4 years that followed, it fluctuated between 1600 and 2000 average viewers on average.

PUBG was from 2017 the greatest game ever on Steamthen came Fortnite:

Everything that makes PUBG: Battlegrounds special in 2 minutes

Sniper videos go viral on TikTok

This is her breakthrough now: The streamer is now making waves with a series of “TikTok” videos. In the videos, she shows how she uses math to successfully complete even extremely difficult kills:

  • She looks on the map to see where her opponent is roughly on the map – she apparently uses certain objects on the map to locate the opponent
  • Then calculate in your head how many meters away he is
  • Knowing the distance, she can aim her sniper rifle to calculate the bullet’s trajectory and take it out in one shot.

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The streamer herself says:

Why do people call me a cheater when I snipe? I just use math.

DanucD has had enormous success with the video: after 2 days, the clip already has over 6,600 comments and almost 800,000 likes.

In a second video, she shows moments when she is so successful that people accuse her of cheating (via youtube).

Why do so many PUBG cheaters come from China?

How is this commented? In over 6,6000 comments, TikTok users comment on the video (via TikTok):

  • A user explains it: “Hm, opponents don’t move and in the scope each line is 100 m. With landmarks on the map that even shows meters – ez!”
  • However, this deters a TikTok user: “Why play a game where you have to calculate?”
  • A TikTok user sees exactly her problem in the video: “I always appreciated it. Haha. Don’t bother me so much. In the end I’m dead.”
  • Another user regrets life choices: “My math teacher was right. Shouldn’t I have paid attention in class?”
  • In any case, the streamer is given a lot of respect: “Is she the best female sniper or just the best sniper ever?”

TikTok is now proving to be an exciting medium for gaming streamers to reach new viewers – especially if you are unlucky enough to play a game that is not one of the hottest games on Twitch.

The streamer IShowSpeed ​​also benefits in particular from TikTok:

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