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The best Star Wars games on Switch with incredible limited-time offers

the best star wars games on switch with incredible limited time

Today is the May 4thor what would be the same, the star wars day. This is because in English, the phrase “cuatro de mayo” can be read as “may the fourth”, which sounds very similar to “may the force be with you”. This popular phrase, which translates into USAas “May the Force be with you” is a symbol of the franchise, and that is why the day is used to announce all kinds of things related to the series. With that said, let’s get down to business.

Great limited-time deals on Star Wars games on Nintendo Switch

In addition to different announcements, content for Fortnite from the franchise and the premiere of various series on Disney +, Star Wars celebrates this special day with succulent discounts like the ones we bring you below. Currently, you can find best star wars games at the following price on the Nintendo Switch eShop:

In addition to these three games (the best of the series on Nintendo Switch), you can find many others of lesser caliber in the eShop through the following link. Of course, if they catch your attention, we recommend that you hurry, since they will only be available until next May 10.