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The best tips for beginners in Fortnite

Though Fortnite been in the limelight for more than five years, new players still need advice to get into its premise. From the outside, it may seem that the title is sinful as it is based on two mechanics: build and shoot. However the battle royale of Epic Games hides a certain complexity in these two practices -especially in the first-.

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Thus, an inexperienced player who wants to immerse himself in Fortnite will be found, suddenly, with a crazy title full of disparate options to win. For this reason, today we wanted to collect some basic tips that are essential in order to, at a minimum, master each aspect of the title.

Without further ado, these are our 6 tips that will make you an expert in Fortnite.

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Patience, attention and a lot of trial and error

The first games are crucial

Getting in touch with the game is essential. However, delving into Fortnite at this point suppose peek into a game in evolution for more than 5 years. Therefore, it is essential to arm yourself with patience and understand that, in your first games, you will not understand anything that surrounds you.

Thus, the safest thing is that, at the beginning, you do not know where on the map to fall. Although we cannot recommend a specific one, since it will depend a lot on your playing style, we can tell you that, as a general rule, points away from cities, towns and villages are more uninhabited. There, you can get loot (weapons, medkits and more) to start your journey.

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These last elements, in fact, are crucial to define your way of playing. In Fortnite, you will have access to shotguns, assault rifles, rocket launchers and other weapons. And, although the quality of it is determined by the color of the rarity (from less to more: gray – green – blue – purple – gold), depending on your way of playing you will be more akin to action at short distances, shooting from a distance or another type of strategy.

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In this way, a very good idea for your first games will be, in short, test all kinds of weapons, locations, routes and other aspects of the title. Only then can you begin to shape your style of play and, at the same time, understand what the key points of the title are.

Learn to move, build and shoot

In Fortnite there is an enemy bigger than the rest of the users in the game: Storm. By having their “sauce” in short games, Epic Games implemented this mechanic for force players to go to specific points on the map. Thus, as the seconds go by, the game area will be smaller and smaller and, if you come into contact with the storm, you will lose life points little by little until you reach zero.

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Thus, it is crucial to learn to move around the map. In addition to fleeing from the storm, which will not be our ally, it will be vital to know each point of the scene since that way you will have control of everything around you: bushes, houses, buildings and more. In fact, if you’re also stealthy and know which areas the action is focused on, you’ll be able to take down your enemies and get hold of their arsenal (or take cover until the fighting subsides).

Another essential point of Fortnite it is learn to build. Without knowing the minimum requirements of this mechanic, it is most likely that you will have little or nothing to do against other players. Therefore, we recommend you chop objects to get materials (wood, steel or stone) and, with these, start trying different constructions. Ultimately, that’s the only way you can defend yourself from other players or reach inaccessible places that will hide various surprises.

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Finally, regarding the gaming experience, we have gun battles. Even if you know how to move and build, you won’t be able to do anything if you don’t hit your opponents (and the same with the other two mechanics, the three form an indivisible triangle). For this reason, it is recommended that, instead of fleeing from the confrontations, you test your aim by crossing paths with another player. In fact, this is the only way to improve your shooting skill and ultimately finish your opponents’ game.

Quick Round of Tips: Patience With Cosmetics and Try Fortnite Game Modes

Its value as a social and cultural phenomenon makes Fortnite a product that goes beyond being a simple video game. Thus, the playable variety offered by the title and the different collaborations that add each week make it a revolutionary product for the industry. However, this does not prevent you from having to be very careful if you are a beginner.

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As a general rule, Fortnite offers several times a month exclusive cosmetics that can be purchased with real money. Thus, the title allows you to access skins of your favorite characters, iconic dances, unique accessories and much more. For this reason, many players lose their minds and, despite the free nature of the title, spend huge amounts of money on these products.

Based on our experience, we can assure you that all products of Fortnite they go back on sale. This means that if you get into the game and you like a limited cosmetic, think twice before making a purchase that affects your pocket. With this mindset, you will enjoy the title more (regardless of whether you play as Batman, Naruto or Neymar).

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To finish, we wanted to leave one of the most practical tips for the last lines: try all game modes Fortnite. This proposal bases its success on offering varied and quality content to its users. For this reason, it is usual that, whether for tournaments, limited events or just for fun, it publishes modes other than the common ones that will give you more than a little fun.

Thus, even if you feel comfortable in one, from here we advise you to vary and, at least, give the proposals that the game integrates a chance. After all, only by trying and getting out of your comfort zone can you discover ideas that you did not know that fit your philosophy.

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So far our tips for beginners in Fortnite. And you, have you immersed yourself in the proposal battle royale from EpicGames? Would you add any other suggestions for new players? We read you in the comments.

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