The best unique weapons in Elden Ring: how to get all the legendary weapons and why they are so special

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Barney Stinson already said it many years before Elden Ring was released: Hidetaka Miyazaki’s latest work in alliance with George RR Martin is a totally legendary video game. And like any self-respecting Dark Souls, one of the most interesting tasks that we can carry out in the Middle Lands is that of locate all your legendary weapons which luckily are not that many.

Specifically, there are nine legendary weapons, which of course are among the best in the game, although there are others that have nothing to envy due to their exclusive nature. Today we are going to focus, in any case, on how to obtain each of these legendary weapons, especially one that is easy to lose in your first game and that you will not be able to repeat until you start an NG+.

Requirements to unlock each legendary weapon

Elden Ring

It will comfort you to know that a good part of these legendary weapons are obtained directly from some bosses, both optional and those that follow the course of the story. For example, one of the first that you will have to face, the so-called Leonine Bastard At the end of Morne Castle, he gives you one of the first legendary weapons in the game, which is a nod to Game of Thrones.

You just have to pay more attention to those that have to do with NPCs that you must kill or return to areas that you had apparently “cleaned” of enemies.

Also keep in mind that the requirements to later be able to wield these unique weapons are based on a series of above average conditions, so you will have to raise certain attributes before you can get the most out of them. And of course, they are weapons that end up making a difference from the beginning and when it comes to improving them, especially if we take advantage of their skills and attribute scale.

What’s more, they all have their own very special ability that we are going to let you discover for yourself when you get each one to surprise you.

Following the natural progression would be the order of all the legendary…

If you still have questions and need more help, here is the great PowerPyx video. especially to follow the process of Ranni’s exhaustive mission.

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