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The best Xbox Series X and S controllers (2022)

Xbox Series X and S have a wide variety of controls, official and compatible.

The best Xbox Series X and S controllers you can buy

Since the arrival of new generation of consoles, many gamers have already bought an Xbox Series X|S. So they can enjoy a wide variety of games thanks to Xbox Game Pass. All they need to play is a compatible controller with the console and there are quite a few to choose from. In the following buying guide you can find the best controllers for xbox series x and scheap and more professional, to choose your favorite based on your budget.

Razer Wolverine V2 Controller

Razer Wolverine V2 Chroma for Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One and PC

Surely you know the Xbox controllers for its ergonomics and the number of colors available. It is a peripheral that can be fully customize with the official tool Xbox DesEsports ExtrasLab. From there you can choose the desEsports Extrasof the standard controller such as colors or a special engraving. The possibilities are endless and it’s about the wireless controller for Xbox, but there are other more expensive models from brands like Razer that have a close collaboration with Microsoft. Below we show you all the available options compatible controllers with the new generation consoles.

The best controllers for Xbox Series X and S

Before choosing an appropriate controller to play video games, you have to take into account several characteristics. Some controls include programmable buttons and extras to suit your style of play, but this is not included in the standard controls. And, although most are already wireless, it is possible to find controls With cable like the Razer or PowerA models.

  • Official Xbox Wireless Controller: The official Xbox controller is wireless with great autonomy for play for hours without worrying about the battery. The highlight of this model is its Ergonomic design which is so nice in hand. Even so, this control has been modernized over the years and now has a address cross more useful and USB type C cable. The advantage of these official controls is that they are compatible with the console, but also with Windows, tablets and others android devices. It can be connected via Bluetooth.

xbox wireless controller

  • PowerA Wired Controller for Xbox: PowerA is a brand specialized in launching cheaper peripherals and fully compatible with consoles. In this case with Xbox Series X and Xbox One. This controller has official license from Microsoft and works with detachable cable. Although it seems like a very simple command, it includes programmable buttons on the back and a wheel to regulate the volume. For the rest, it is a command very similar to the officer with dual vibration motors and 3.5mm headphone jack. Is available in military green colorbut it is possible to find other models.

PowerA Wired Controller for Xbox

  • Xbox Elite Series 2 ControllerNote: Many of these controllers have been out of stock due to the material crisis, so they may be out of stock at some point. The Xbox Elite Series 2 controller is one of the best to play on console. You can see the differences both in the front and back, even in the use of materials. This controller is designed with good quality materials and the grips have a different texture anti-slip. Up to three custom profiles can be saved, the sticks and crossheads have been improved and it has back buttons that can be configured using the Xbox Accessories app. Also highlight the 40 hours duration which guarantees the rechargeable battery.

Xbox Elite Series 2 Controller

  • Thrustmaster eSwap X Pro Controller: some players look for customize your controller completely. In that case, this Thrustmaster controller is what you are looking for, since it is made up of modules that can be exchanged to improve your experience. It has a very professional desEsports Extrasto offer the better performance in front of a video game. That makes it a very versatile controller that also includes 4 additional buttons that can be reassigned. It also has adjustable triggers and a braided cable that can be extracted.

Thrustmaster eSwap X Pro Controller

  • Razer Wolverine V2 Controller– It’s one of the best Xbox Series X|S controllers you can buy. It is also not as expensive as other models and has the Razer quality. This controller has a very modern desEsports Extraswith green lines that mark the non-slip grips. The front buttons have additional remapping and 2 multifunction buttons. All buttons and crossheads are machined with sensitive activation to improve the ability to fast answer. The Razer controller has a sensitive trigger mode with two sliders for reduce travel distance in shooting games, for example.

Razer Wolverine V2 Controller

  • Turtle Beach Recon Controller: This Turtle Beach remote seems more complex, since it has its own style. The controls are very similar to the rest of the official commands, but it contains a superior module with sound buttons exclusive. From here you can adjust the equalization, mixer volume and other related parameters. The controller has dual controls motors and on the triggers that offers a more immersive sensation with vibration. Have a Ergonomic design very comfortable with non-slip grips and two quick action buttons In the back.

Turtle Beach Recon Controller

  • PowerA FUSION Pro 2 Wired Controller: Finally, we highlight another premium model from PowerA. this knob can be programmed to customize the back controls quickly in the middle of the game. And the exterior can also be customized, as it includes 2 front plates of different color, white and black. Like the rest of the controls, it has double vibration motors and impulse triggers for a higher level of response. These last have three position locks so that the travel distance is shorter. This controller connects via cableso it offers stability.

PowerA FUSION Pro 2 Wired Controller

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