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The biggest MMORPG streamer on Twitch avoids light, lives in chaos and loves WoW – All About Asmongold

Asmongold is considered the biggest . streamer on Twitch and he is also successful with his second account Zackrawrr. But who exactly is behind it?

The streamer’s real name is Zack, we don’t know his last name. Nor does he reveal his date of birth. He must be about 30 years old.


After high school, Zack majored in business and earned a bachelor’s degree. He aimed for further degrees in economics and a law degree. However, he said goodbye to that and has now become one of the biggest Twitch streamers.

He is from Austin, Texas and still lives there today.

. king and super nerd

What kind of guy is Asmongold? Many would describe Asmongold as the “classic nerd” because he fits the cliché to the fullest extent and also plays with these clichés. Long hair, a chaotic room, leftovers lying around and he avoids the daylight.


What is he playing? His most played and streamed games are WoW and Final Fantasy XIV – He is now the biggest . streamer on Twitch. There he now has 3.4 million followers on the Asmongold channel.

Asmongold has been playing WoW for many years and has a kind of love-hate relationship with Blizzard’s .. Hardly anyone complains so much about the game, but he is at the start of every new expansion. In Final Fantasy XIV, he doesn’t travel that long. However, in 2022 the . got a new NPC and Asmongold believes they named it after him.


Asmongold’s career and life in 3 minutes – what makes him special?

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How did it all start?

After uploading YouTube videos via WoW as a content creator since 2009, he switched to Twitch in 2014. So he started the channel Asmongold.


In 2018 he decided to focus fully on Twitch and YouTube. Zack rejected the idea of ​​studying law.

Over time, it became more popular in the WoW community and saw a huge boost in 2019 when WoW Classic came out.

Sometimes Zack also talks about difficult phases and problems in his private life in the stream. That’s why he’s often taken Twitch breaks. Around 2021, when his mother died as a result of a fire accident. Until then he had lived with her.


Stream not only as Asmongold, but also as zackrawrr

In addition to his main account, Asmongold, Zack has a second account on Twitch: zackrawrr. He has 1.3 million followers there, but is not a Twitch partner.

Since July 2022, the streamer has been increasingly online on the zackrawrr account. According to that Twitter account @StreamsCharts he was in 6th place with this one of the most watched streamers in the first quarter of 2023.

Why isn’t he streaming on his main account? Although viewer numbers are very similar, Zack is currently finding it difficult to stream on his main channel. Asmongold is Zacks’ streamer persona, which he claims is different from his actual character. On zackrawrr, the streamer appears as “himself”.


Asmongold is a fictional character that caricatures the “typical gamer.” It’s just a character that Zack plays. For example, Asmongold accepted an award for best . streamer via video link from his messy room for not wanting to leave the house.

On the second account, however, he also talks about private topics and shares more serious thoughts, although he appears a little calmer than Asmongold.

For him, this distinction is important. Viewers don’t always notice the differences, however, and the boundaries between Zack and Asmongold are sometimes not too clear.


Asmongold founded OTK in 2020

Zack is also the co-founder of One True King, or OTK for short, a group of Twitch streamers. Most of them come from the . area. They work loosely together and support each other.

OTK acts as a network for influencers, all of whom produce digital content. They even sell their own merchandise on their website.

In addition to Asmongold, these include Esfand, Mizkif, Sodapoppin and more. There are currently 10 people in total.


They announced their own online RPG earlier this year:

The twitch clique around Asmongold announces its own online RPG – working with former WoW developers