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The biggest streamer on Twitch nearly made the mistake DrDisrespect was banned for

Just 21-year-old Kai Cenat has risen to become the biggest streamer on Twitch in just 2 years. But success alone is no defense against punishment, as the notorious Guy “DrDisrespect” Beahm found out. Because Kai Cenat narrowly escaped a mistake for which DrDisrespect was banned in 2019.

What was that mistake? In June 2019, DrDisrespect attended E3, one of the most important gaming fairs, and held a series of IRL streams there. The streamer, sporting a distinctive mullet, mustache and sunnies look, was a big hit on Twitch at the time, drawing thousands of viewers.

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During his stream, DrDisrespect seemingly inadvertently strolled into one of the men’s restrooms at the Los Angeles convention center where E3 was being held. In the background, trade fair visitors could be seen using the urinals. Later clips showed the streamer himself using a urinal (via kotaku).

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What was the result? Not only was the Doc banned from Twitch for almost 2 weeks, his E3 visitor pass was also revoked. Guy Beahm later tweeted that he must have gotten a little too deep into his role as DrDisrespect and not thought about the repercussions of his actions.

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A year later, in June 2020, the mustachioed streamer was finally permanently banned from Twitch. The reasons for the ban remain a big secret to this day. Today he rocks YouTube, but without a lucrative exclusive contract.


DrDisrespect was a celebrity on Twitch – His ban remains a big secret to this day


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Streamer narrowly escapes a ban

How did the situation at Kai Cenat come about? The 21-year-old is currently hosting a subathon as part of Black History Month and has been online continuously since February 1st. During this period he streams in various categories such as just chatting or gambling.

Together with the former Overwatch professional Félix “xQc” Lengyel, whom he overtook in September 2022 in terms of paid subscriptions, Kai Cenat was also “IRL” on the go: the two streamers were filmed outside, i.e. in real life.

February is considered in the United States and Canada Black History Month. During this period, the achievements of historical Afro-American personalities should be particularly appreciated. The tradition was launched as a week-long event in February 1926 and expanded to a month 50 years later to celebrate America’s 200th anniversary (via

What caused the error? In a clip shared on Twitter, Kai Cenat can be seen disappearing into a public restroom. The streamer even seems to tell his cameraman to follow him, which he does.


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Twitch colleague becomes the hero of the day

How could the error be prevented? xQc apparently switched a bit faster than his Twitch colleague and stopped the cameraman. And apparently at the very last second, because the tiled interior and a man who is apparently washing his hands are already in the picture.

How are the reactions? The post has already received over 660,000 views and more than 10,000 likes on Twitter. It was also shared on the YouTube channel “xQc Clips” and received another 102,000 views.


Comments celebrate xQc’s quick response. He is the hero of the day, but now he has a good one with Kai Cenat. Because a ban in the middle of the Subathon could have gone pretty bad.

So writes a Twitch streamer, 2 feet (about 61 cm) and in the worst case, the streaming platform could have withheld the income from Kai Cenat’s paid subscriptions (via Twitter). And that would be a lot, because the 21-year-old currently has over 195,000 active subscribers thanks to his subathon (via TwitchTracker).

Luckily xQc’s quick action prevented worse and the Subathon continued. The marathon stream is currently still running on Kai Cenat’s channel.


A ban might have been a fitting end for a subathon that had already started with a ban: Kai Cenat had already been blocked by Twitch at the end of January, at the time it was not clear whether the subathon could take place at all.

Twitch bans one of the most successful streamers in the world because he apparently nibbled too much