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The boss secretly reveals the most popular class in Diablo 4, saying “I didn’t ask for permission!” | Discover News

the boss secretly reveals the most popular class in diablo

Rod Fergusson is the head of the entire Diablo franchise at Blizzard. In a “secret” tweet, he has now revealed which is the most played class in Diablo 4. Amazingly, it’s the class without a single S tier build at the moment.

This is the most popular class: Writes with a wink Rod Fergusson on Twitter, that wizards are the most played class in Diablo 4. We haven’t heard that from him though, in case the PR is asking…


If you look at the Diablo 4 tier list, you can see that the sorceress is exactly the class that isn’t at the top. All other classes have at least one build in the best tier, except Sorceress. It only plays in the A tier.

If you want to try out a sorceress, we have the right level guide for the class ready here.

Why is the sorceress so popular? No official reason is given, but wizards have been in every part of the series since Diablo 1. Otherwise, only the barbarian can claim that, although in the first part he only came with the Hellfire expansion.


In addition, sorceresses in Diablo 4 have a lot to offer visually. Whether it’s fire, lightning, or ice, her mastery of the elements just looks damn cool on screen and is a fun class to play.

I recently built a build that no one else is playing and blasted through opponents with it. Here’s the Blizzard build in action:


Diablo 4: Blizzard build for the Sorceress in World Tier 3 Lightwatch gameplay

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One boss plays necromancer, another would prefer druid

Incidentally, Fergusson is by no means a fan of the class himself. As he explains in a video on YouTube, he is “Necro Main 4 life” – a necromancer. In general, there are quite different favorite classes at Blizzard.

In an interview, for example, Associate Game Director Joe Piepiora told me that he would play a druid if he were never allowed to change. Otherwise Barbar is his favorite class. Art director John Mueller prefers the Slayer.

Fergusson’s tweet gets a lot of approval, especially from Wizarding players. However, some wish there were some cooler skins for the class.


Elsewhere, players are pretty pissed off. Or rather: people who would like to be players but can’t gamble. Among them is the famous Whoopi Goldberg, who apparently counts herself among the fans of the series:

Diablo 4: Whoopi Goldberg is really mad at Blizzard – “This makes me really angry”