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The British CMA publishes guidelines for the safe use and development of AI

the british cma publishes guidelines for the safe use and

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a much-talked-about topic these days, largely due to its indomitable potential and the ways in which it could drastically impact the creative and entertainment space. In this sense, one of the main reasons why actors, screenwriters and Hollywood are on strike is due to the use of AI in television and film (for example to create scripts or impersonate the appearance and voice of actors). , and the issue is starting to become a serious concern in other parts of the entertainment world, and also in virtually every other walk of life over issues of abuse and privacy.

In relation to this topic, the British Competition and Markets Authority website has published a new report in which it determines how AI should be used in British territory. The aim of the guidelines is to establish a way to continually improve and develop AI, but protect consumers. To meet these objectives, seven principles have been outlined, which are:

  1. Responsibility: developers and implementers of information management systems are responsible for the results they offer to consumers.
  2. Access: permanent access to key entries, without unnecessary restrictions.
  3. Diversity: Sustained diversity of business models, both open and closed.
  4. Choice: Enough options for companies to decide how to use financial management systems.
  5. Flexibility: Flexibility to change or use multiple fund managers depending on needs.
  6. Fair dealing: absence of anti-competitive conduct such as self-referencing, tying or bundling.
  7. Transparency: consumers and companies receive information about the risks and limitations of the content generated by content managers so that they can make informed choices.

The CMA has promised to increase its engagement in the AI ​​space in the coming months and hopes that these principles will be of benefit and protection for people, businesses and the economy as a whole.

CMA Director General Sarah Cardell adds:

“The speed at which AI is becoming part of the everyday lives of people and businesses is spectacular. There is real potential for this technology to boost productivity and make millions of everyday tasks easier, but we can’t take it for granted. a positive future. There remains a real risk that the use of AI develops in a way that undermines consumer confidence or is dominated by a few actors exercising market power that prevents the full benefits from being felt. throughout the economy.”


Cardell continues: “The CMA’s role is to help shape these markets in ways that encourage strong competition and effective consumer protection, delivering the best outcomes for people and businesses across the UK. In rapidly developing markets like these, it is essential that we put ourselves at the forefront of that reflection, instead of waiting for problems to arise and only then intervening with corrective measures.”

Do you think these principles will help control the use of AI at this point?


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