The camera of the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra disappoints: it is in 10th position

The Samsung Galaxy S23 has finally been officially launched, along with the S23+ and the top-of-the-range S23 Ultra. We had been talking about them and their specifications for months, highlighting their power thanks to the Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 and the cameras. However, now that it is on sale and analysis has been carried out, we see that in terms of photographs it has not been as surprising as expected. At least according to DxOMark, where they have positioned the camera of the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra in tenth positionbeing surpassed by other cheaper and older mobiles.

The Samsung Galaxy S23 are the most anticipated Android phones of this 2023, as this new generation promises great improvements compared to the S22. In fact, we have already seen that performance the S23 Ultra it is a real beast, destroying the S22 Ultra and even beating iPhone 14 Pro Max using GPU. In addition to performance, one of the aspects that stood out the most about the mobile was the use of a camera with a 200MP sensor. Along with this, a noticeable improvement in night photography was promised. However, now we will see that in the end it has not been in the first place in this aspect and in general, its photographic quality has not been so impressive.

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DxOMark puts the camera of the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra in tenth place

Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra

When it comes to seeing comparisons between mobiles, especially if we want to see the camera level differences, dxOMark It is one of the most used websites for this purpose. This page is considered quite reliable, since it performs photography and video tests using the same scenes with all mobile phones. Thus, we have a direct comparison of how they behave in multitude of scenarioswhere we have situations in ambient light or in low lighting / night mode.

Parameters such as Dynamic range, contrast, colors and tonesspeed of approach, definition and texture, noiseeffects like the bokeh and much more. Knowing that the tests are very exhaustive and they are a website that can be considered a benchmark, it is shocking to see how the Samsung Galaxy $1,199 S23 Ultra (1,409 euros) to be in tenth position in the camera tests behind older and lower priced mobiles.

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The iPhone 13 Pro or the Huawei P50 Pro have a better camera

Huawei P50Pro

With a camera score of 140 points on average according to DxOMark, the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra achieves the same score as the Google Esports Extras 7which costs $599. In fact, we see that the iPhone 13 Pro released in September 2021 and priced at $999 is in seventh position with 141 points. Above him we have mobiles like the Huawei P50Pro who already has a year and a half and is currently sold in USA for about 700 euro. Above this we already find mobile phones with the best camera like the iPhone 14 Pro Max with 146 pointsthe Google Esports Extras 7 Pro with 147 points and finally, the Top 1 goes to the Huawei Mate 50 Pro with 149 points.

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To be clear, placing tenth in the DxOMark camera tests is not a bad result at all, as the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra with Exynos is at number 25. But perhaps and seeing the great expectations that were had, the result has not been so positive. Well, if we opt for the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra with snapdragonthis is located in the position 18. If we wonder what has happened to the camera of the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra so that it is not the best of the best, we have the complete review with comparative photographs. The quality of the photos and the comparison between mobile phones is relative and depends on the person, but from our point of view, the Galaxy S23 Ultra’s camera is guilty of oversharpening (too sharp), which causes artifacts and a lot of noise.