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The champion that high elo people don’t want to see in their games

League of Legends has many champions on its roster. Some are usually practically invisible, while others appear in every game, although not always chosen. There are a few that the players do not want to see even in paint and that is why they appear banned in almost every game. Yuumi is usually that champion who can hardly ever be played. However, there is another character whose priority has increased in recent days. We talk about Dravena champion who is always in the eye of the hurricane.

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Draven has two personalities: Either he’s great or he’s practically unplayable. Only OTPs are capable of unleashing their potential when the character is not at his best. However, given the metagame we’re in and the level of the champion, has become a shooter tier S+.

Draven, one of the most hated champions in high elo

Although in low rating It is not usually one of the most banned characters, as we go up more leagues, the more times the shooter is denied. It is not for less, since Draven has a win rate 53.53% from diamond 2. Your pick percentage falls to the 12.8% And now comes the chilling fact. Players deny Draven 38.9% of the time.

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Although she does not reach the level of Yuumi, a champion who adds a ban rate of 46.9%, it is noticeable that the players of high elo they don’t want to see the shooter in their games. This dynamic could change for future patches. However, considering that Draven will not be nerfed Facing the patch 12.15it seems that we will continue to see him disappeared in the games of high elo.

We will have to see how the champion evolves. Still it seems that the dynamics will not change in a short time of time.

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