The Chant launches in the fall for PC, PS5 and Xbox Series; is canceled on PS4 and Xbox One

Tom Henry

Publisher Prime Matter and developer Brass Token have announced that the action-adventure The Chant launches this fall on PC, Xbox Series and PlayStation 5. The negative part of the announcement is that the versions of the previous generation, PS4 and Xbox One are cancelled. We show you their new trailer and images.

The Chant is set in a spiritual retreat on a remote island and leads you to try survive against a series of terrors refractors that are triggered after a group chanting ritual goes terribly wrong, opening a portal to a nightmarish dimension called The Gloom.

“This dimension feeds on negative energy and starts to drive you and others crazy, tapping into your own anxieties and fears, and manifesting in the form of interdimensional creatures; ultimately taking you on a journey of psychedelic horror like you’ve never experienced before,” says the studio. “But all is not lost; Only by unraveling the mysteries of the 1970s New Age-style cult and strengthening your mind, body, and spirit can you reverse the chant and avoid being trapped in the dark forever.”

Private Division, Take-Two’s independent game publisher

Private Division is T2’s label dedicated to publishing indie and AA team projects -medium size-. Games include Kerbal Space Program 2which has just announced its delay for 2023 as well as Obsidian Entertainment games (The Outer Worlds), Panache Digital Games (Ancestors: The Humankind Odyssey) and V1 Interactive (the closed Disintegration). In 2021 they published Hades and this year OlliOlli World.

There are several games in preparation, among which the new one from the USAstudio Piccolo Studio, responsible for Arise: A Simple Story.

The Chant next-gen horror game for this fall

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