The Chinese brand Moore Threads announces its new MTT S70 graphics with 7 GB of memory

the chinese brand moore threads announces its new mtt s70

Tom Henry

The Chinese brand Moore Threads announces its new MTT S70 graphics with 7 GB of memory

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if we talk about graphics cards The first brands that come to mind are NVIDIA, AMD and Intelthree very important manufacturers of this hardware for our computers that have spent years and years creating those GPUs thanks to which we can move our games.

To these three great brands we must add for some time to the Chinese company Moore Threads that a few months ago it released its first GPU, the MTT S80, and that it has now presented to us a new more modest model baptized with the name of MTT S70 who is the protagonist of this news.

The first thing that catches our attention about this graphics card is its memory configuration, since it bet on a very extra 7 GB of GDDR6 memory that we have not seen before in any other GPU model, with a 224-bit memory bus and a bandwidth of 392 GB/s. To all this we must add 3584 MUSA FP32 cores at frequencies up to 1.6 GHz plus H connectivityDMI 2.1 and DisplayPort 1.4a.

It is not the graphic you want to play

In case anyone has doubts If it is viable to play on this graph, the answer is a resounding no.. Some time ago we told you about her older sister and potential superior, the MTT S80 that on paper has enough muscle as to loosely move current games.

However, this brand only supports the DX9 and DX11 APIs, being still very rudimentary at the software level, which means that the MTT S80 could barely move Crysis at 30 FPS and got very bad scores in all kinds of technical tests, so the results with the MTT S70, in the absence of trying it, can only be worse being a more modest hardware accompanied by software and firmware that, at least for now, are not enough to be viable to play.

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