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The CMA concluded that the Nintendo Switch is not ‘technically capable’ of moving Call of Duty

the cma concluded that the nintendo switch is not 'technically

We recently received one of the most important news in the media, the purchase agreement for Microsoft and Activision Blizzard was blocked by the UK Competition and Markets Authority (CMA). However, details of the conclusions reached to block the purchase of almost 70 million dollars are still coming to light.

The details of the blockade were placed in an extensive report that analyzes each of the reasons and concerns that led to that decision. In addition, the issue of steps Microsoft had taken to try to convince CMA to approve the deal was raised.


One of those measures was due to an agreement reached by Microsoft and Nintendo to bring some of their franchises to Nintendo Switch, specifically Call of Duty. However, the authority was not very convinced of the agreement / compromise since they understand that Nintendo Switch is not “technically capable” of moving said games through its hardware.

“Call of Duty is currently available on Xbox and PlayStation consoles. We found that these consoles also compete closely with each other in terms of content, target audience, and technologies. We also found that Nintendo consoles don’t compete as much with Xbox or PlayStation as they generally offer consoles with different technical specifications and their most popular titles tend to be more family and kid-focused.”

“Nintendo does not currently offer CoD and we have not discovered no evidence to suggest that their consoles are technically capable of running a version of Call of Duty similar to the Xbox and PlayStation in terms of quality and content”.


It seems that Microsoft’s attempt to convince the CMA was not entirely sufficient due to the evidence itself. Even so, Microsoft will not sit idly by and will appeal the decision, further lengthening the process.