The CMA’s final decision on Microsoft’s purchase of Activision is already dated

Tom Henry

the cma's final decision on microsoft's purchase of activision is

Microsoft was prepared to take the British regulator to court in early summer if it did not give in to its demands.

The CMA's final decision on Microsoft's purchase of Activision is already dated
Promotional image of Microsoft’s purchase of Activision Blizzard

If this week has been busy for Microsoft due to the immense leak that has revealed the company’s plans from now to 2030, including a new Xbox Series X without a disc reader and a lot of other things, next week promises to be equally or more fun for those from Redmond. The Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) of the United Kingdom, has communicated the final date on which it will announce its final decision of whether or not he approves Microsoft’s purchase of Activision Blizzard.

Currently, the British organization is the great obstacle What Microsoft has to go through before being able to definitively close the agreement with Bobby Kotic’s company, postponed to next October. At the moment, it does not seem clear that the CMA will give green light to this processnot even after Microsoft sold Activision’s cloud gaming management to Ubisoft.

Another heart attack week for Microsoft

As reported by The Verge, the British regulator is expected to take a preliminary decision about the purchase agreement 69 billion dollars between Microsoft and Actvision next week. It is unknown whether or not this resolution will be open to appeals by interested parties, but once their considerations have been heard, the final decision of the CMA will be announced next October 18.

In view of the CMA’s refusal to approve this agreement through the usual channels, Microsoft was willing to take to court to the organization last July, just like he did with the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) from United States. Finally, the dispute was postponed until this month of September to reach an agreement between the parties. Now we only need to know if the measures proposed by Redmond satisfy the British regulator.

Given what we have seen, if Microsoft goes to trial with the CMA, they better make sure handle confidential documents well of the company and things that should not be public are not leaked again. Like the list of upcoming Bethesda releases or their plans for the next generation of Xbox.

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