the collector’s edition is already resold for more than 1000 euros

the collector's edition is already resold for more than 1000

Tom Henry

the collector’s edition is already resold for more than 1000 euros

Speculators seem to have found a bonanza after the unprecedented success of Baldur’s Gate III.

Baldur's Gate 3: the collector's edition is already resold for more than 1000 euros
Promotional image of Baldur’s Gate III with the companions of the game

Some lucky ones have already begun to receive the collector’s edition of Baldur’s Gate III at home, but among those who really want it for themselves, there also seems to be some speculators, since some of these editions can be found on second-hand platforms. for more than $1,000when its official price is three times lower.

Baldur’s Gate III has undoubtedly been one of the surprises of the yearbecause everyone expected Larian Games to sEsports Extrasa very good RPG, as we are used to, but few could have imagined that a classic turn-based role-playing game like this would become the most valued game in the history of Opencritic since touch the record for the best launch so far this year.

There are also speculators in the world of Faerun

As we can read on Gamesradar, it seems that a few collector’s editions of Baldur’s Gate III have already been listed on Ebay with prices ranging from between 1,000 and 2,000 dollars, and it is expected that its price will continue to rise in the coming weeks as the stocks of the official Larian Studios store run out. It is common for these kinds of conditions, depending on the game, to end up online with resale prices of thousands of dollars, so Baldur’s Gate III had a hard time getting rid of it.

As for the edition itself, its official price in the Larian Studios store is $259.99and includes both a figure, like a lot of other physical merchandising content. Check out:

  • A digital copy of Baldur’s Gate 3 Deluxe Edition for PC or PS5
  • Custom sticker sheet
  • Battle Scene Figure: ‘Mind Flayer VS Drow’ 25cm
  • 160 page hardcover art book
  • Cloth Map of Faerûn – A D&D Inspired Origin Character Sheet Set
  • Parasite Metal Keychain
  • Metal-inscribed 20 die from Baldur’s Gate 3, plus an identical in-game version!
  • Certificate of authenticity
  • 3 Magic: The Gathering booster packs containing the Commander Legends: Battle for Baldur’s Gate card game featuring characters from Baldur’s Gate 3 (limited to the first 15,000 pre-orders).
Baldur's Gate III Collector's Edition

Baldur’s Gate III Collector’s Edition

Baldur’s Gate III is out now on PC and is coming to PS5 next September 6while to see it on Xbox Series X | S we will have to wait a little longer, since it does not yet have a specific date.

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