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The community was right: the craziest and sweetest theory of The Last of Us is confirmed in the new episode of HBO


The community was right: the craziest and sweetest theory of The Last of Us is confirmed in the new episode of HBO

If you are one of those who have played The Last of Us, you know well that the origin of cordyceps it is a subject that is never explored. There are not even clear clues about it, since Naughty Dog he simply used its spread as an excuse to tell the story of the relationship between joel Y Ellie.

Warning spoilers: from this moment the plot of the HBO series will be discussed.

In the case of the adaptation made by HBO, yes, much more has been explored where the chaos that unleashed the cordyceps came from. In this second episode we are shown Jakarta, the capital of Indonesia, the main focus of the contagion. We already received a clue from her in the first chapter when Sarah, Joel and Tommy heard on the radio about certain disturbances in the area.

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There are more than 16,000 kilometers between Texas and the Asian city, so the community began to wonder how was it possible for cordyceps to spread so fast, in just a few days. Once the possibility of airborne spores had been ruled out, a new thread appeared that the audience began to throw away: flour.

There are several events at the beginning of the season that lead us to think that flour has something to do with it, since the Adlers, Joel and Sarah’s neighbors, offer cookies that they reject. The old woman who lives in the house tries the cookies to later become the first infected. An almost unequivocal sEsports Extrasthat is complemented by the fact that Joel and Sarah did not eat pancakes with flour because they did not have any left, having to use eggs.

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Throughout this past week there has been no official confirmation about it, but Neil Druckman stated that various “crumbs” had been placed for the public to pick up.

Antiheroes like Joel from The Last of Us will always have a place in our hearts: an inner struggle as old as humanity.

flourgate is real

Druckmann is precisely the director of this second episode that finally shows us the truth. The mycology professor claimed by the Indonesian authorities to investigate the cordyceps outbreak makes this clear. At the beginning of the chapter, the policeman informs him that the first registered case was located in a flour factory. According to her, we are talking about the perfect substrate for the fungus to spread.

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The end of the world being caused by FLOUR is crazy

Therefore, taking into account the opinion of an expert, we can say it loud and clear. The community was absolutely right in thinking that flour was the key that cordyceps reached all parts of the world. That yes, that The Last of Us do not make you distrust a good pastry shop, you miss very good delicacies.

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