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The complicated situation of Evil Geniuses in CS:GO

One of the large electronic sports organizations has serious problems in its department of CS:GO. Evil Geniuses is living a dramatic week in the shooter of Valve after failing to qualify RMR America after failing to overcome an affordable qualifier. This last great disappointment has only accentuated a more than important crisis and that is leaving important statements, from several protagonists of the scene, during the last hours. The future is expected to be black for a historic team.

The results of Evil Geniuses do not accompany

The Evil Geniuses ship encountered rough seas quite some time ago, but it worsened in 2022. During this year it has been possible to verify the complicated situation led by stewie2ka player who came to the team to last a few months and leave several controversies with the staff. Meanwhile, EG announced Blueprint, the project with which he went on to count 15 players distributed in different roster to be able to feed back. In fact, several players from the current squad have come from these subdivisions. The reason for this new project? The absence of a consolidated scene of CS:GO in NA since the arrival of VALORANT.


It is impossible not to relate the situation of EG to the panorama of CS:GO on the US scene. He VALORANT occupies much of the attention and most professional teams have turned towards the shooter of Riot Games. To this day, the scene of NA it only has Team Liquid, Complexity, Evil Geniuses and Cloud9, this organization with a Russian ensemble. Despite the low level EG has failed to qualify for the next RMRa hard blow after the green shoots that were seen a few weeks ago in the first tournament of BLAST Premier.

The scene doubts the future of EG in CS:GO

The team is currently competing in ESL Pro League 17. Due to the new format, no one will be able to say that EG has finished last in the group, something that it has achieved three consecutive seasons and clashes with the “rules” of the Louvre Agreement. All this, and what is to come, is causing major players in the scene to make important statements to highlight. First of all you could mention the $1,000 she paid kassad, caster of CS:GO, to a team for eliminating EG from the last qualifier. He himself has had to detail that he did not want to cause controversy.

NAF He has highlighted in an interview that if he had signed for the evil geniuses he would have been an “idiot”, delving even further into the wound of the project. vorborga coach who came to the team a few months ago to save the situation, was very disappointed after the RMR and later defended the department. Fans and professionals of the scene also harshly criticize the project on social networks.

Even several international journalists from the scene are beginning to doubt the future of this team and a possible “disband«but it still seems complicated knowing that it is equipment partner of ESL. The situation is critical and could only improve with good results in this ESL Pro League 17, but the problem is much deeper and the scene of CS:GO in NA It is not the ideal one to avoid problems.

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