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The controversial Six Days in Fallujah already has a release date on PC

the controversial six days in fallujah already has a release

Announced by Konami in 2009 and canceled just a few months later, the controversial shooter war Six Days in Fallujah He came back to life a couple of years ago, not without once again raising controversy. Victura, his new editor, claimed that the launch was planned for 2021; however, the premiere did not happen and was put on hold without us having much more information about it.

Now the publisher and Highwire Games, its developer, have announced that Six Days in Fallujah coming to PC via Steam at the end of next month, specifically the June 22nd. It will not be a release of the full version, but the start of early access that will last “just over 12 months”, according to those responsible. Its price during this debut will be US$39.99although it will increase as new content is released.


what exactly is it about Six Days in Fallujah?

Six Days in Fallujah it’s a sandbox military set in the second battle of Fallujah, one of the largest urban battles of the 2004 Iraq War. The original idea was proposed by a former US Marine sergeant after being injured in that conflict, which has already aroused criticism of the project’s approach. The game also includes commentary from people who participated in it from both sides, and although it was supposed to also have missions from the point of view of Iraqi soldiers, the version early access focus on the United States Marines.


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The version of Six Days in Fallujah that will be playable on June 22 will include several four player cooperative tactical missions set in the early days of the war. The project roadmap includes more maps, parts of the day and weather, as well as different real world special operations forces, equipment and more missions. Playable we will be able to see systems such as the procedural generation of the city, although aspects such as the bots companions will have to wait (so it will be exclusively multiplayer output).

Six Days in Fallujah arrives on June 22 to PC via Steam in early access format. There are also console versions announced for PS4, Xbox One and PC, although they do not have a release date.


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