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The Crash Team Rumble beta will allow you to play in both public and private matches

Crash Team Rumble It will not land on PlayStation and Xbox consoles until June 20, although before Toys for Bob, the studio in charge of its development, will hold a closed beta of the game. April 20 to 24 with the intention that all those players who reserve the game can try first hand their next multiplayer experience. In a new statement shared through its blog, the developer has revealed new details about what users can expect from the beta, while also taking the opportunity to confirm that the battle pass will only include cosmetic items, so characters and powers will be unlocked by playing the different modes.

“In the closed beta, players will be able to compete against other players in public rooms or face their friends in private matches. Do you need to practice? Players can hone their skills against bots before entering the arena. A player leaves a game? No you worry, bots have your back too! A team’s vacancy will be refilled by a bot to ensure that your team still has a chance of a sweet win. Are you worried about getting crushed by strong players? We have also taken that into account; new players will be matched with other new players to avoid being matched with veteran users, which will allow new players to learn the ins and outs of the game at their own pace (even if they enter near the end of the closed beta)”, we can read.


Progress will not carry over to the final game

“Throughout the closed beta, we will be testing hero balance, cross-progression, and cross-platform matchmaking in preparation for the big June release,” the studio’s message continues. “Although progress will not carry over from Closed Beta to releasethe first feedback we receive from the closed beta participants will be instrumental in creating a more polished experience for all players on June 20,” the statement concluded.