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The creator of Lost Odyssey wants to bring Fantasian to PC | we are xbox

Hironobu Sakaguchi, one of the most mythical developers in the field, wants to bring Fantasian to PC. Like many of his category, he had to do without the AAA scene. This was not synonymous with leaving the video game industry, since Sakaguchi wanted to continue immersed in more projectsas veteran users of Xbox consoles well know.

After leaving Square, he founded his company with the help of Microsoft, although without fully belonging to the company. Thus was born the developer Mistwalker and two of the most acclaimed JRPGs on the Xbox 360: Blue Dragon and Lost Odyssey. These were Microsoft’s big bets to penetrate the Japanese market, although collaborations with Mistwalker ceased.

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Hironobu Sakaguchi has the predisposition to bring Fantasian to PC

Sakaguchi and Mistwalker’s latest works lagged behind a bit, as they were released on mobile devices. One of these projects is Fantasian, an Apple Arcade exclusive, Apple’s video game-focused subscription service. As you can guess, his arrival has been limited.


That is why many fans of Sakaguchi’s work, whether they are Final Fantasy or Lost Odyssey players, want to see it come to Fantasy to PC, a broader platform. Thanks to the statements collected by VGC, we know that the creative is more than interested.

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At the Magic 2023 event, held in Monaco, he could be asked questions according to various projects in his career. Fantasian launched in 2021, and this is his most recent title. When asked about the possibility of seeing it on other platforms, such as PC, Sakaguchi responded lively.


He mentioned that he is aware of the request from his fans to see the game on PC, and that he will make sure to keep working hard to meet the high expectations. This does not assure us anything, since it also depends on Apple (and the exclusivity contract), but at least we know that one party is interested. He even talked about the possibility of seeing a sequelAlthough this is a project that, if it occurs, will depend on many factors, such as an interested investor.