The creator of one of the best retro shooter sagas wants to rescue her, and he knows who to ally with for it | Top News

the creator of one of the best retro shooter sagas

Tom Henry

The creator of one of the best retro shooter sagas wants to rescue her, and he knows who to ally with for it | Top News

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It’s been a boom time for retro games, and especially for classic shooters. With the remastering of Quake 2, it’s clear that there’s a market here… but what about Unreal Tournament? The game that gave its name to one of the most important engines in the industry is about to make a triumphant return, and one of its original creators is already clear who to ally with to bring it back.

Even though he no longer works at Epic Games, Cliff Bleszinski, or —CliffyBas it is known on the internet—, he can’t stop thinking about the saga in which he turned since 1999. “Here’s Quake, getting remasters, and meanwhile I’m wondering things about Unreal”, comments the creator on his Twitter account. What we did not know is that, after this, he spoke with a study that he would be interested in doing something with the saga, and they are all waiting for Epic Games to give the green light or not.

Nightdive Studios could work on Unreal Tournament

stephen kickCEO of Nightdive Studios and director of System Shock Remake, has been responsible for making the hype of the fans of the franchise rise to the stratosphere. Citing Blezinski’s message, he revealed a crucial piece of information. “It must be said that Cliff Blezinski gave us a touch and we are going to give him a chance,” says the executive while mention Tim SweeneyCEO of Epic Games, asking him to give the project a green light.

Not knowing exactly what Nightdive’s strategy would be for this project, the possibilities are vast. From an all-out remaster to a remake to a new game, the team has broadened their sights since the release of System Shock Remake. At the moment, yes, it seems that everything is up in the air, and, given UT’s track record, that saw their last game get cancelled, fans have reason to be both nervous and excited.

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