The creators of Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 discover what the process of creating one of the greatest enemies has been like

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the creators of marvel's spider man 2 discover what the process

Many of us We already have the web launcher ready for October 20, the date to arrive Marvel’s Spider-Man 2the long-awaited wall-crawler game that has developed Insomniac Games for PlayStation 5 allowing us to live a new adventure with Peter Parker and Miles Morales.

But, of course, beyond its protagonists, a Spidey game won’t be the same without supervillains with which to fight and today Insomniac Games wanted tell us about the process they followed to bring Lagarto to lifeone of the most iconic villains in the history of our friendly neighbor.

Like other villains, bringing it to life in the virtual world has been an arduous task, and the first thing was go to comics to seek inspiration and, from there, “collaborate with Marvel to give it our personal touch. This touch can be seen in both the gameplay and the narrative,” says Jacinda Chew, senior art director at Insomniac Games.


According to Insomniac itself, in the game We are going to meet two Lizardsa more classic one, with his lab coat and pants that is somewhat smaller and less intimidating than the one in the comics that will even be able to communicate with Peter but, on the other hand, we will have a bigger, meaner, muscular and greener version in every way he has “lost all traces of humanity. Therefore, we will not be able to even communicate with him. It is a very notable difference.”

Furthermore, At the desEsports Extraslevel they have decided that their skin is somewhat brighter to have a more viscous appearance and they have added the pine nuts to make it have a more prehistoric appearance. On the other hand, they wanted to make eyes more similar to an animal, with the pupils reacting to light, something for which they had “to do a lot of research to replicate that effect in real time on PS5.”

Finally, it seems that there is going to be something very spectacular in the game, since the version of Lizard created by Insomniac It has a technique that allows it to remove its skin, something spectacular on a visual level. To do so, we again “took a look at what this process is like in real life. Our artists used a program to simulate how skin would move in the wind.”

Spider-Man 2

A sequel that aims for the highest

At Vandal we have already had the chance to try Spider-Man 2, a sequel that aims for the highest, a title “that It does not seek to revolutionize anything and whose only objective is to offer us the best, biggest and most ambitious game. of Spider-Man that has ever been done, something that seems like it will more than fulfill and if what we have enjoyed is already minimally representative of everything that awaits us in the rest of the game, we have every reason to think that it points to become a new essential for the Sony console“.

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