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The creators of Ori hire a young man whose only experience is a Dreams game.

Moon Studios, the team behind Ori and the Blind Forest and Ori and the Will of the Wisps, is working on a new Action-RPG inspired by The Legend of Zelda. Despite the fact that the study has been developing this new title since 2019, its managers do not stop recruiting new talents to join the team. The most recent hire has been that of Eupholace, a user of Twitter which, as we can see in his biography, is responsible for Trip’s Voyagea amazing 3D platform game which has been created entirely in dreams.

Thomas Mahler, creative director at Moon Studios, has announced the news through his Twitter profile with the following message: “And now it is a fact. We have decided to officially hire this designer. 20 years, worked for 2 years on a project in dreams and will soon be working as a Level Designer at Moon Studios! Thanks to Media Molecule [desarrolladores de Dreams] for making it easier for young people to become great creatives”. As Mahler has highlighted, the work we can see in the video is truly impressive, especially when it has been revealed that this title is Eupholace’s only experience in video game development. .

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What can we expect from the next game from Moon Studios?

“It’s important that our games have a unique art style, that lets you know it’s a Moon Studios game even if you only see a thumbnail. There are too many games out there. Art direction matters. A lot“, Mahler recently commented on the project, which has been described as his own Zelda. We do not know when it will be officially presented, although we know that will be released on PlayStation consoles since, unlike the two titles of orithe new game will not be published by Xbox, but Private Division.