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The creators of Pokemon GO launch the free game NBA All-World


The creators of Pokemon GO launch the free game NBA All-World

We bring an announcement related indirectly to Pokemon GO. These are future plans for Niantic, responsible for the popular mobile app.

Specifically, we have been able to see the announcement of a game inspired by the nba in the style of Pokemon GO. The most curious thing is that it seems to be based on the metaverse and is expected to be released starting today.

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“The phone is the perfect instrument to materialize a metaverse in the real world that is accessible and has a social dimension,” he shared. john hanke, the president and CEO of Niantic. “It is important that we encourage social interactions in the real world, such as going out, going to a restaurant or meeting friends. Putting on a VR (virtual reality headset) and playing alone seems very lonely and scary to me. I trust that humanity does not go in this direction.

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NBA All-World is this new game from the NBA metaverse. This is what we have been able to learn about it:

  • Players will go through the streets of the game, where they will meet virtual basketball players, who will be famous players like Lebron James
  • There will be matches with famous professional players and different challenges or mini-games, advancing in different rounds and using the avatars of different players within the metaverse.
  • It promises 100,000 authentic courts that we will have at our disposal
  • Available for free for iOS and Android starting today

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